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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Wrap up of Week 2: Kristi Kelly

Hi everyone...

First I want to apologize for not being able to participate in this morning's conference call. I hope it went well. My recovery is pro-longing itself, much to my own dismay (and pain) and I am hoping that I am back to my 110% self sooner than later. Due to this fact, there may be a delay in my email response, but I promise I will get everything taken care of before monday.

I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet... Neal and I had a great week, many productive meetings and we survived our first payroll together. Next week should prove to hold many more follow up meetings! We also received lots of resource material so we will be sorting through that (and posting what is available on the blog) so then you can make orders, etc! Also, we will be posting additional documentation on the blog (like the invoice template, the press release draft) so you may access those as well.

I'm off to bed again, and yes, my painkillers are treating me well (Neal, last time I share them with you!) Again, if there is a delay in my response, I apologize, but by Monday, I am hoping to be in full form again!

Take care and have a great weekend.


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