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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wk5 wrap up, week 6 intro. Happy Blogada day

Sorry for the late blog, I seem to have gotten a little carried away while celebrating late this week. Also welcome to all the new interns, I wish i could meet you all on PEI but I fear the swim would take too much out of me.

We are confident that our efforts will ensure the Indian Head co-op a substantial attendance at the second attempt of their AGM which will take place Tuesday of this week. At the AGM we will be presenting a portion of a five-year strategic plan for the future of the co-op. We feel good about the work we have been doing with this amazing group of people.

The location of this year’s ACLY seminar is all but finalized; I have looked at many camps and think that the silver birches camp is perhaps the best place to have it. I will be further conferring with Carole Findley on this in the upcoming weeks.

The Ramea Community Co-op is still in a period of flux as the chief members are currently vacationing far more than they are co-oping; we expect to become very very busy when they all return from their respective places of rest and relaxation.

The real amazing news is that Steph and I have been in contact with a individual that is starting a business in which he will be farming plants that are used in cancer medication, We have been prepping for a meeting we will be having with him this week, it sounds like our first solid lead towards the Newfoundland contingents first incorporation.

I have set up a home office in my appartment as the collage was getting a little busy for us to be hanging around there all day using two computers. The new MYDAS NL phone number is 709.6435192, there will be an answering machine on that number as soon as i can find one for sale at a yard sale for a few bucks.

I trust all is well with all of you and that you had a fun Canada day and a somber Memorial day all at once,


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