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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Monday, August 29, 2005

End of Week wrap up

Hi all,

1. Most of this week was spent in preparation for the Fun Day at Mill River on Saturday. The kids from our worker coop spent the day teaching other kids about cooperatives.

I designed a little game in which the kids were divided into groups and each group had to develop an idea for a new cooperative for the area, that would help or involve local youth. Each group was led by a member of the worker coop, and Edgar and I circulated the room to help out. Then the groups presented their idea to the group, and every one voted as to whether the coop should be incorporated. It was quite fun and we had lots of laughs.

Their ideas were as follows:

1. Youth drop in center in Abrams- Village were kids could play games and watch movies.
2. Cooperative Drive-In for the Evangeline region featuring french films as well as new releases.
3. Locksmithing workers cooperative that would come to your door at any hour if you locked yourself out of your car or house.
4. A home for homeless kids in Mischouche that would cater to kids in need both in Summerside and in West Prince, and be bilingual as well.

Some of the kids really needed this session, as when they started few could even name a cooperative in Evangeline. I think they're pretty well informed now as to the things one has to think about before starting a cooperative.

And then they all went swimming and had pizza and ice cream and it was a good day. The turnout was a little low, but it was mostly due to other events going on in the region on that day.

2. I have also begun my powerpoint presentation on the local coops for the Festival Acadien. I am just waiting for a few more pictures to finish it off.


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