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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

week 10

Hey everyone,
for all those nbers who had a holiday yesterday hope you enjoyed it, this week im in Fredericton for a couple of days to met with Erin about the Acyl incorporation, which is going turtle speed, because this whole regionaly/federally incorporation papers have me going in circles, but hopefully like the story goes the turtle will get to the end slow and steady without any mistakes. Anyway this weekend i was able to met with Carole and go and help at one of the programs she puts on for youth, which gave me a further insight to how the program is run and now i can proceed more with the incorporation of it. Last week Leo Leblanc of Coop Atlantic was nice enough to give me a listing of mostly all coops under Coop Atlantic and there contact info, so im going to type them up and if anyone would like a copy just message me, and ill send them your way. This week is basically more contacting people and waiting for them to come back from vacation so ill have some meeting set up in the near future, for the moment my focus is on the Acyl program and giving Carole has much help as i can.

Well thats it for me for now
hope everyone has a good week


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