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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Week 12

My week is not actually over. From Wednesday onward I was quite ill, in a daze, and pretty well unable to speak due to a throat infection. Am still recovering today, but will be spending much of the rest of my weekend trying to play some catch-up.
I will post a more detailed blog tomorrow evening on what I actually was able to get done.

Wrap up of Week 12: Kristi Kelly

Hi Everyone, yesterday was a holiday here on good'ol PEI so I took advantage of it by checking out the parade yesterday morning, and relaxing throughout the day! A much needed break from a busy week!!
  • THANK YOU! Everyone has submitted their final reports, now it is just a matter of getting information in on the other areas (such as media releases, tracking sheets, etc).
  • Both the Impex and LEAP cooperative projects had bylaw meetings this week, and thing look hopefully for soon incorporation!
  • I have been typing away on drafts for the final report, LIKE MAD! Also, ACOA has expressed interest in sending out a press release for us, so I made sure they had all the information they needed!
  • Yay for seeing Carole and Diedre! Sorry I couldn't stay for too long, but it was nice to see you none the less...
  • And yes, I survived payroll, I hope everyone likes their business cards, and cheques made it out on time!!

Take care folks, I look forward to talk to you all tomorrow!

Wk wrap-up

Sorry for the late blog,

This week was spent on a somewhat new project, the revitalization of the wetlands farmers market co-op. We are starting with the physical space and are working our way through day-to-day operations as well. We will be meeting in Codroy valley again this Wednesday and will forward pictures at that time.

We have nearly complete the strategic plan for Indian Head and the Ramea project is coming along as well. We are putting together a set of guidelines to aid in their share sales.

Enjoy the weekend,

Saturday morning

I'll be heading to the Farmers Market co-op soon (where I've helped link them up with the Immigration and Co-ops research that CCEDNet and UVic are doing). It's a good spot to shop and eat, and also a good place to meet with clients such as Wendy Pobjoy (LEAP Project) and many of the Fair Trade and certified organic crowd (a co-op rich vein). Later on, I meet with folks from the Forest Stewards co-op. Yesterday saw the culmination of several months of network building as the go ahead was finally given to submit a Letterof Intent to ACOA's Atlantic Innovation Fund on behalf of a co-op led consortium. It was a week when we also received positive feedback about the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) research proposals in which the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) is a significant partner and collaborator. The lawyer for the housing co-op project here in C'town called with an update on the research that he (and his summer students) have been doing. There are significant Provincial legislative hurdles to the strata title approach, but much hinges on the willingness of a financial institution to approve mortgages based on lengthy leases. We continue to explore ways to bring the project to fruition, but the September 06 closing date may need to be extended. The cricket co-op's incorporation documents should be signed at a meeting tomorrow afternoon if all goes to plan and there are two other amateur sport co-ops under discussion, one of which could be incorporated shortly. The DVD copy of the CBC-TV news story on the co-op project in eastern PEI is now in my possession and it is a great piece of PR for MYDAS, for the co-op sector and for the involvement of Youth in Community Economic Development. Once I get comfortable with the DVD burner on this machine, I shall make copies for our promotional tool-kit. Carole Findlay and Diedre were over on the Island two days ago. Carole had her two international visitors in tow, so the MYDAS three sat at a picnic table hashing out changes to the draft ACYL by-laws while the foreign duo caught some rays in the National Park. It was good to get out of the office, but we got some strange looks while trying to watch the computer screen in bright sunshine by draping towels from head to screen. Overall co-op prospecting and assistance continues. I had meetings this week with groups interested in forming a Soft Energy Path co-op, and a watershed co-op. The usual raft of inquiries and requests came in from existing co-ops, including public transit, agriculture and arts groups. As well, there was a good deal of communication and preparation for the CWCF year end (August 31). Kristi continues to follow up with some of the other PEI projects such as the African group, the UPEI MA students, LEAP, the Provincial wind energy initiative, the import-export mob etc. PEI is having to struggle along without Neal Gillis this week as he props up the German economy. We look forward to his safe return. I am hungry for market food, but even hungrier for news of your co-op development activities. Blog on!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Semaine 9 : Marc

S’arrive fini ahh NON!!!

Well j’fini d’penser puis j’réalise qu j’ai point émi d’rapport lundi!

Sorry for that !

This week'S wrap up though is a continuity of last week’s objectives.
And by the way : Le 15 août était superbe.

Work this week : Relaxe…NOT usual

  • Worked on some propositions for the by-laws in Dieppe’s Coop

  • I met Donald Daigle, president of la récolte de chex nous ltée.
    It was interesting to meet Donald because you don’t hear a lot of them farmers point of view, and his association is really gettting along in progress with the 26 members that he has to date.

  • I discussed the project that Léo LeBlanc had in mind, and Donald is very ‘’optimiste ‘’ about this project as well. SO I shall maybe be of assistance there.

  • One of my depute contacted me back, so I contacted him this week. We are trying to find a date to meet.

  • Worked a bit with the Coop in St-Paul. Made improving changes to the survey.

Well I’ll be working a little bit more this week-end, but next week promises to be relaxed as well !

Have fun y'All !


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday night

Hooked up to the Café Diem wi-fi on the warm, nocturnal streets of Charlottetown. The hubbub of exiting "Anne of Green Gables" patrons has subsided and now I am just awaiting my daughter's (Emma) exit from the Provincial Exhibition prior to heading homeward.

Carole Findlay is coming over to PEI tomorrow, along with Diedre. Carole has a morning meeting at CUC-PEI and then we shall all meet inthe p.m. Neal is away in Germany this week (lucky Köln) but Kristi should be able to sit in.

In an interesting synchronicity, I got a cell call earlier this evening from a Gander-based buddy asking if I could meet with a colleague of his who is in PEI investigating the wind power co-op project. The synchronicity came when my friend started to talk about the wind turbines on Ramea and explaining that it is a small Island off the NL coast...I was way ahead of him!

It looks as though many of us might be able to make a face-to-face "debriefing" on ugust 27/28, but the time is zooming towards us. I'll try to get some discussion time with Dan and see if we can suggest a time and place.

I know that I rarely blog on Mondays and Fridays, but my excuse is mostly that I like to see what everyone has posted. I encourage you to keep to the agreed upon timing as it makes communication easier. Please try to get the Report items in asap. I am particularly keen to see the photos!

I'll be out of the office all day for August 25, but will continue to check cell messages and office voicemail 24/7. Keep on developing those co-ops!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Brunswick Gets its First Incorporation!! Congrats!!!!

Congrats goes out to Erin who as we all know has been working like mad with the "Below the Ground Co-operative Limited" in New Brunswick and the incorporation has been finalized thanks to all of her hard work and guidance!! A job well done Erin!

Week 11/12

Was in Tatamagouche all weekend and so did not blog at the end of last week.
Here's what happened:
  • Completed a one-page summary on Board governance for NSCC; Began to formulate questions
  • Met with Joanne Vitgood of CHFC about the World Cafe
  • Met with John Stewart, who is looking to start a theatre co-op
  • Met with Camille Dumond of the Heartwood Centre on Wednesday about the World Cafe
  • Met with Mel Gosse of the Credit Union Central on Thursday about the World Cafe; it went very well (w/t Matt)
  • Met with David Daughton and Matt on Thursday
  • Attended Tatamagouche Free School over the weekend and made a presentation.

Here's the plan for the coming week:

  • Attend the Healthy Minds Meeting on Wednesday
  • Along with NSCC, start sending out invitations electronically to co-ops for the World Cafe
  • Have an invitation printed up by week's end that can be sent through the mail. This design could also function as the flyer for the event
  • Have a rough questionnaire done up by week's end; perhaps meet with Fred Pierce in Truro about the governance tool
  • Get all material in for the MYDAS final report
  • Get in touch with Rolando Insenza of the CHFC
  • Make a presentation to AYCL participants on Friday

Any news on the debrief meet?


Monday, August 15, 2005

week 12

Hello all

This week is looking quite promising with the ACYL incorporation rolling, i plan to work with Carole on her other ventures, like the up coming girls weekend in Canso Nova Scotia, which is shaping up to be a fun and educational weekend for all. From there ill be contacting the Nackawic group and will be discussing what they have in mind and the information i have found to start them off, i have done some research on them and their town and they look to be going in the right way cooperative style, which is always a bonus. Im planning on meeting with the Aberdeen group here in Moncton, on their multiuse coop and the different cultural events they put on throughout the year. Then there is always the end of the year reports to do, so it'll be a busy week, hopefully with some added bonuses ( because the Atlantic Seafood festival is in town and i hope to be volunteering my time for some taste testing). Anyway thats whats going on with me this week.
Everyone have a good week

Week 12: Stephanie Hobbs

Hello All, I entrust that everyone’s week is going very well. Dan and I are going to be very busy this week. We have to gather some information for Bev Kirby, Director of the Community Education Network, about worker co-ops and developing co-op programs in schools for youths.

We are also talking to Ramea and are considering going down there tomorrow, but once again they are not all around so we are not going to go there and have nothing to do. We should know later in the day if we are going or not.

We also have things planed with the wetlands co-op and will be visiting them soon. Codroy Wetlands are looking at getting in touch with the inactive members and seeing why they are not active.

We are also meeting with Ed Penney about the advertising bulliten for the Indian Head co-op.

WEEK 12: Matthew Petre


All is well in Truro, and I am looking forward to the week.

  • Beginning the development of a webblogg for Fred Pierce of the NSCC to interact with members in his region
  • Doing some research on the management/operations side of Co-ops for Monica DiOchon from St. FX University
  • Awaiting feedback on the Funeral Home Co-operative Guide from the NSCC
  • Follow up with Healthy Minds
  • Work on the World Cafe Initiative

Happy Monday Everyone,

Wk 12

Hello All,
This week is somewhat up in the air currently, we may be traveling to Ramea tomorrow morning and doing…well in fact we are not sure what we may be doing there. We will be making a final decision later today regarding if we will be going there or not. If we do not go to Ramea we will be meeting with the wetlands co-op in Codroy valley. No matter what we are going to do I promises to be a fun co-op week.


WEEK 12: Kristi Kelly

Hello everyone! I look forward to receiving everyone's reports today! Hurray!! Each week, our season comes closer and closer to an end - its hard to believe!
  • I am going to attempt to get ahold of Momo and crew with our first incorporation - we have not heard from them in a while and it would be nice to see what they have been up to!
  • This week, I am going to hoping meet with Wendy and the crew with the LEAP Project as they move closer and closer to incorporation!
  • I am attempting payroll alone this week... wish me luck folks. I plan on doing this all tomorrow so cheques will be out and about by the end of the week.
  • The final report will be my biggest project over the next couple of weeks, so it would be great if everyone keeps prompt on the delivery of the necessities!
  • Also, the ImpEx Cooperative seems to be progressing nicely, a couple more meetings and things should be a-ok to incorporate!
  • Lastly, this Friday is a holiday on good ol'PEI - so I am going to be sure to check out the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade and maybe even check out the new racino!

Okay everyone, enough from me! Have a great week and I look forward to our phone calls today!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

week 11 end

Hello all

Its sunday night, and im just finishing up some work, sorry for the late blog. Actually i got alot done on the ACYL incorporation the Bylaws are pretty much completed and corrected
, courtsey of David, Carole and Erin also the forms are pretty much all taken care of now alls there is to do is get the seal and NUANS report. Also approval from all the directors for the bylaws and forms and clear up any questions and loose ends, but all is going well with ACYL. I have also been doing lots of research on tourism cooperatives that work for rural areas, not much has been done from the Canadian view or any that I have found so far, however overseas is the hub for such cooperatives and there are plenty of success and unsuccess stories, that i have learned plenty from. This week i primarily focused on ACYL , meeting with Carole and going over other events she has planned and that im helping her with. And i have faxed the Coop Atlantic contact list to Kristie so she has it if anyone is interested, sorry it took me so long to get it out to everyone.
Any way thats all on my front