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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Youth Co-op Links

Greetings MYDAS team,
Well, my current project out of Lobie's little box (as I lovingly refer to the office at 129 Kent Street), has been to re-vamp the CoopZone website. So, this project, which at first seemed a tedious, spreadsheet-driven task of searching through a maze of co-op related websites, has turned into a valuable learning tool, as I have now increased my resource pool to an exponential depth!

I came upon a few youth co-op sites that are worth mentioning here:


This is the BC Institute for Co-operatives Study Youth site, which includes mention of a book titled 'Youth Re-inventing Co-operatives':


Also, there is an International Youth Co-opertive Network:


And, last but not least, there is the

Building Co-operative Futures Youth Conference

Co-operating Out of Poverty: Can Co-ops Save the World?

Manchester and Rochdale, United Kingdom
May 24-27, 2006


Hope that everyone is prospering in their respective fields, and I look forward to meeting some of you in person soon!



  • Hi Marigold,

    Friends of mine, who have started the BIG IDEA organization, "Vision for an Economy Based on Co-operatives;
    Putting People Before Profits" (at http://www.emmett.ca/bigidea/) are looking to implement an online discussion board for their group. The last one they hosted received way too much spam and it looks like Bloggers, with their "Comment Control" feature, would eliminate this problem. Do you recommend using Bloggers, as you are for MYDAS, for this purpose? And is there any experiential wisdom you could provide us in setting this up?

    Any advice/info would be much appreciated.

    Michelle Kowalski

    By Blogger Michelle K, at 2:49 AM  

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