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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Wrap up of Week 2: Matthew Petre

Another week has come and gone, and I am happy to report that my office at the NSCC should be ready for Monday. I went in and helped move stuff for a bit this afternoon. My post the other day outlines a lot of what happened this week, and I will sum up the rest. I have begun working my Funeral Co-op project for the NSCC, and to aid in this initiative I will be accompanying Fred Pierce to a meeting with a Funeral Co-op in N.B. I am still working on getting approval for my academic research credit for my internship with MYDAS...fingers crossed everything goes through next week. I have sent the media release out to several outlets throughout the province and am getting the Admin Assisstant from NSCC to send it to all possible outlets on Monday. I will be working on setting up appointments for presentations, coordinating media contact in the Truro region, and determining what groups may be interested. All in all I think it was a great week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wrap up of Week 2: Kristi Kelly

Hi everyone...

First I want to apologize for not being able to participate in this morning's conference call. I hope it went well. My recovery is pro-longing itself, much to my own dismay (and pain) and I am hoping that I am back to my 110% self sooner than later. Due to this fact, there may be a delay in my email response, but I promise I will get everything taken care of before monday.

I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet... Neal and I had a great week, many productive meetings and we survived our first payroll together. Next week should prove to hold many more follow up meetings! We also received lots of resource material so we will be sorting through that (and posting what is available on the blog) so then you can make orders, etc! Also, we will be posting additional documentation on the blog (like the invoice template, the press release draft) so you may access those as well.

I'm off to bed again, and yes, my painkillers are treating me well (Neal, last time I share them with you!) Again, if there is a delay in my response, I apologize, but by Monday, I am hoping to be in full form again!

Take care and have a great weekend.

Wrap up of Week 2: Stephanie Hobbs

Well, the week is over already. This week was interesting to say the least. I had my first ever visit to the ends of the earth, wonderful little island off the Southwest coast of Newfoundland, you go as far as you can possible go, then get on a boat and go farther.

Dan and I spent the first of the week working with some wonderful people, trying to jump start a fisheries co-operative, Ramea Community Co-operative. We read through all the previous work that was done and attended a board meeting with them. The members would like Dan and me to help them sell 80 more shears in order to get funding from the NLFC.

We have to develop a news letter to send out to the town residents and organize a town meeting to help sell some shares.

Wrap up of Week 2: Neal Gillis


Well, week two went quite well. Kristi and I met with three people, all leading to co-op incorporation (hopefully). We had a few challenges this week. Personally, my greatest challenge was putting up with Kristi and her post wisdom teeth woes. Nice girl, but a little o-d-d when she gets on the meds.

An other challenge was the unfortunate payroll epidemic, which resulted in us mailing out paycheques. I apologize for any inconveinience this may have caused for people. ADP payroll service hasn't made contact with us (as they said they would), so we're not entirely sure how things will happen. I would really like to get direct deposit set up, and I know everyone else feels the same.

As David mentioned in the teleconference, we will hopefully be getting our own office space within the next week. David's office for 1 1/2 people doesn't jive with 3 of us in the room. And the bathroom smells like death (it's not David's fault, no human body could produce such an odor). We have been able to stay fairly productive nevertheless, between home, the office, and the internet cafe down the street.

Thats all for now. Hope everyone else is a-okay. Talk to you soon.


Wrap up of Week 2: Dan Meades

We are back in Stephenville and hard at work on the Ramea Community Co-op strategic plan for selling 80 more shares at $100/share. We attended a meeting of their Board of Directors of their co-op and they are as excited as we are about working together. This is a large co-op that is already incorporated, just to put the business scale in mind the break even point for the co-op will be $1,300,000. This week will be taken with creating a news letter to help motivate the community behind the co-op, as well as planning a series of town meetings.


Wrap up of Week 2: Erin Hancock

It's a beautiful day here in Fredericton! (By the way, I'm fine having my checks sent in the mail every week if that would be easiest.)

This week has gone really well for me. I attended 'Investments in Youth' Wednesday and Thursday. This SEDI sponsored training event provided information and workshop material on teaching youth (and other low-income) groups how to manage their finances, as well as consider entrepreneurship. I was able to speak with 27 people about the MYDAS program and give tem flyers. The people that sounded most interested in meeting again were Carol-Ann Hanley who is running a government-sponsored training course for people wishing to start small businesses (and doesn't know about co-ops!), Terri-Lee Kitchen from Youth in Transition House, Rose-Marie Stewart from the Chipman Youth Centre and Mitch Claybourn from the Fredericton Youth Centre. I will follow up with them next week. I will have a list of all of them too. So far, I have reached 113 people and told them about co-ops and the MYDAS program (although these are only preliminary meetings).

I put the pamphlet together and thanks to all of your suggestions, I will put together a revised version today.

I will be meeting this weekend likely with the cafe project co-op and I will be making a few calls today on their behalf.

I have spoken with Rob Boyle at Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op and he will contact me next time his co-op alliance group meets.

I spoke with the manager of the fair trade cafe here (and sells Just Us products) and left a pamphlet with her. (she bought my tea for me we had such a lovely chat!)

I feel like things are finally getting going and I look forward to getting my hands dirty!
Erin -talk to you in 1/2hour

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wrap up of Week 2: Annie Colwell

Hello All!

I just wanted to say great job in NS! You guys are making some great headway. I just thought that I would give you my weekly update now seeing as we will be chit chating tomorow!
I met with Roy Mackin this week in Cambridge Narrows ( not quite Saint John area but close).
At the meeting were the two other individuals ( need to get names!) that are forming the economic development co-operative in that area. This co-operatives main goal is to help provide the resources for other co-operatives to"get off the ground". Basically they went over their ideas and plans for the area and then we discussed my role. Roy is holding an AGM/community meeting in the fall and he was hoping to have some assistance in their agenda, presentations, and research on certain types of co-operatives that he is interested in getting started ( such as a senior citizens complexe co-operative). On Wednesday I did some research for him and focused primarily on the development of the "Chez-nous" co-operative in Evagaline. I gave him a brief hist etc, plus websites and contact names of individuals that have started co-operatives. Today I did some admin stuff (ie photocopying of resource material) and contacted the NBCC (John Kelly: co-op placement director). He will be back on the 15th so I plan to meet with him and possilby do a short presentation with some of the graduating students and hand out some of the wonderful pamphlets. I also contacted the Fundy Funeral Home and I am going to get a breif interview done with the manager there in order to write a short piece wrt to a "successful co-operative" in NB ( in particular the SJ region). Other than that I have been speeking with Claire Gagnon and Maureen (wonderful help!) about making a few more connections that are a bit closer to home!! I am also looking forward to hearing from Neal "Film Co-op" friend, Adam Cameron when he heads my way! Hope everyone is well and I look forward to our call tomorow!
Take Care!

Annie :-)

Nova Scotia Update

Thought I would post to give you all an update about two of the initiatives Stu and myself are involved with here in Nova Scotia.

First, The Nova Scotia Seniorpreneurs Association:
This group was incorporated as a society and now is expressing interest in formalizing themselves as a business, possibly as a co-operative. Their role is educating seniors on the basics of entrepreneurship and harnessing their talents to start a business.

Fred Pierce, Stu and myself met with Jack Jones and other key members from the association. We discussed:
  • opportunities and benefits available with incorporation as a co-operative
  • background on the MYDAS program and NSCC
  • relationship between Jack Jones and the NS Community College
  • seniorpreneurs society's affiliation with the Northwood Seniors Centre
  • objectives of the Seniorpreneurs organization
  • the process of incorporation as a co-operative

This information was well received and a very open dialogue took place. Before incorporation can take place however, issues revolving around credit for the seniorpreneurs program and the entrance of a new business at the Northwood Seniors Centre need to be addressed first. There is a great deal of potential for this group and I look forward to further discussions with them once they work out internal issues.

Second, Healthy Minds Co-op:

Healthy minds is a group who is committed to improving services and support for people dealing with mental illness. This meeting was quite interesting and presented to us some of the real challenges which these people face. There goal is to possibly develop into a multi-stakeholder co-op bringing together many orgnizations into their initiative. Their funder for the pilot program is Capital Health which is providing 10 months of initial funding at $125,000

Their goals as an organizatoin are to provide 5 services once they are fully up and running:

  • access to services
  • education
  • consumer participation
  • advocacy
  • community liason

I will be working on their marketing/promotion and Stu will be working with their interm board and developing information for them to facilitate their board governance.

Also I will be creating a guide for the NSCC for communities interested in starting a funeral home co-op. This will allow groups to identify if this is an opportunity they could realistically undertake.

FYI press release is going out today. Talk to you all tomorrow on the conference call.



Friendly reminder to all of you out there in MYDAS land, send in your travel and communications invoices if you have not done so already. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Payroll Update

UPDATE: No one (except for Neal) is getting paid this week, or for the rest of the program. Sorry for the late notice, and thank you for your understanding.

Seriously: David, Kristi, and myself went to the Credit Union to get the direct deposit set up this morning. It seems that it's not going to be as easy as anticipated. We can't set up to simply transfer money from the MYDAS account into the intern's. We may have to go through an outsourcing firm (ADP, as advised by the Credit Union), but after calling their head office today, we found out that we'll have to wait for their representative to contact us. No fun. Also, we may have to set it up where you will each have to go to your bank and request that they debit the MYDAS account into yours each pay period for X number of dollars. Not entirely sure how this works.

This means that this week's paycheques will have to be mailed out. I'm sorry to inform you of this. We are working on them right now and hopefully they should be in today's mail. If anyone would like to have them sent to a different address, please let me or David know ASAP.

PowerPoint posted

Check out "The Power of Co-operation" slideshow posted in the documents section of the blog. It's an awesome resource.

(Just right click on the link and click "save target as")

MSN Contacts!

Hi Everyone,

Please update your MSN list to include all members of the MYDAS internship including David (lobie@isn.net) - all email addresses can be found on our communication plan documentation created at the orientation.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rainy Charlottetown

Back from an interesting meeting with three African immigrants who are spearheading a co-op project by the name of the "Afro-Canada Centre for Art and Culture". The evening has turned moist and showery. Kristi, Neal and I will be dealing with Credit Union issues tomorrow so please e-mail or telephone if you have not already been in touch about Direct Deposit. I'm reminding you that the toll-free number at my office (above the St. Jame's Gate) is 1-800-611-6628. Matt had trouble reaching me earlier today, but I just test-dialed the number and it is working fine this evening. Keep your eyes peeled for the teleconference invitation via e-mail. Thanks for blogging.

WEEK 2: Stephanie Hobbs

Well we landed in Ramea safe and sound. The project seems great, they would like us to help them sell some shares into the Co-op. The project is well planed and I have lots of faith in it, one huge problem for us is living arrangements. Like Dan said it is costing us a great deal to stay here about $45 a day. I hope we get to stay and get our feet wet in it all, but that price is almost out of the question.

We have a board meeting with them tomorrow night I am excited to meet the rest of the board and see what they have to say. They would also like to hold a public meeting to help sell some shares into Cooperative.

That's all for now!

WEEK 2: Dan Meades

Steph and I arrived on Ramea today to find that the accommodation situation was less then ideal, it is currently costing us about $45.50/ day to stay and eat on the magical little island of Ramea; this does nto include the gas and ferry expense to get here. It seemes that the idea that the people of Ramea have about economic development is to take as much of our money as they can. We are currently trying to find better living arrangements but to no avail. On the other hand the work here is great, the manager of the co-op seems nice and they are having us design and implement a strategy to increase shareholders. Having said that the work seems good, today Steph and I spent our day cleaning an office, washing out a file cabinet, filing and photocopying, oh the glamour of it all. To tell the truth, it had to be done and we did not really mind. Tomorrow she and I will be attending a board meeting of the co-op and begin to organize a series of events designed to sell shares. I will have internet access, albeit limited access but access none the less and my cell phone does indeed work from time to time, the number is 709 632 3602, I say it works from time to time because David and I were in the midst of a conversation today and my phone just stopped working.
I trust your respective weeks are going well…speak to you all soon.


Sunny Charlottetown

Sorry not to blog prior to 10 a.m. By the time I cleaned up after Kristi and Neal...

All phones were ringing continually today. This is attributable in large part to your collective stirring up of co-op interest and activity. Earlier today I got a call from Ramea. The MYDAS invasion had hit the beach and were already cleaning out filing cabinets and planning a community meeting. If Dan plays and Stephanie sings, they'll probably get the whole island to attend. Annie was not sitting waiting for my call at 10 p.m. on Saturday, so I had to leave the promo material for her at the front desk of the Delta hotel. We talked on Sunday morning. In fact, since Sunday morning, I've spoken to Matt, Dan, Kristi, Annie and Neal. I'd like to talk to the rest of you and am wondering if we can do another teleconference this Friday at 10 a.m. (10:30 in Newfoundland). I'll make the arrangements and you should receive an automatic invitation via e-mail.

Reading blog entries I see that a number of you are working on promo and PowerPoint pieces. I collected oodles of promo material (both paper and video) while in Ottawa and will publish an inventory of it here, shortly. If you see hings on the list that you want, we should be arrange to have them delivered. I also was able to acquire a major PowerPoint presentation on Co-ops and CED that can be modified to suit your area and topic. It is 11.5 MB, so I will only send it out upon request. I'll see if Neal can make it available on this site. Remember, also, that there are many promotional materials available on line. The co-op profiles in the Resources section of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) web site are brief and have a good overview of different Provinces/sectors: http://www.coopscanada.coop/aboutcoop/cancoopsectorprofiles/
I just got a call to meet with someone in 15 minutes. Must run. More anon...

WEEK 2: Neal Gillis

Word up,

As Kristi mentioned, she and I have a busy week ahead of us. We're going to have 4 or 5 meetings within the next few days to discuss upcoming co-operative ideas. We had a meeting with Godfrey (the same Godfrey who came to talk at the orientation) this morning about a student co-op that would work much like a student society. It's a pretty hot lead, and I think we'll be incorporating our first co-op before too long!

Goals for the week will include attending those meetings and figuring out the direct deposit situation with David and Kristi. Also, we're still nailing down details for the summer (mainly with education sessions we want to hold). I'd also like to do a little more reading and reseach on PEI's co-op laws, so I can be a co-op pro.

Hope all is well with everyone else. Take care!

WEEK 2: Stuart Neatby

Hello all,

Looking forward to the week ahead.
Here are my goals for the week,
- Finish reading the co-op act, and do additional research on the ins and outs of financing a new co-op
- Along with Matt, complete and finalize the Press Release
- Begin work on a MYDAS leaflet or information handout
- Meet on Wednesday about the Seniors Co-op
- Finalize Presentation (w/t Matt)
- Follow-up contacts made at the NSCC (Tom Webb, the fellow with the disability co-op)
- Do additional research on the economic barriers faced by people with disabilities in Nova Scotia
- Along with Matt, identify groups to focus upon for MYDAS presentations.

Happy Monday!

WEEK 2: Erin Hancock

I made it back from Cape Breton earlier than expected so everything is on track. If you get the chance , visit CB....it's amazing.

-Create package to give out that explains co-ops, the MYDAS program and what I can do for them, examples of co-ops, etc
-Use template to make pamphlet for "Investing in Youth" forum and workshop Wednesday and Thursday
-attend the training and forum
-do a bit of research for the cafe co-op
-send letter to people I know from Credit Unions and put my name out to new ones
-contact Rob Boyle to be part of a community co-op alliance group discussing how co-ops can be more integrated
-start to put together intro for Co-operator article (although it won't be published until September and it will serve more as a reflection of what we've done to advertise for next year)
-contact Sue Rickards in the Nakawic community development group
-layout items to do this summer


WEEK 2: Matthew Petre


Excited to begin another week. I look forward to learning and planning for the rest of the summer. NSCC is moving offices within the same building hopefully this week, which means hopefully my office will be ready to go soon. Fred Pierce, Stu and myself will be meeting with Jack Jones in Halifax this Wednesday regarding the seniors co-op.

Goals for the week include:
  • Finalizing the MYDAS press release
  • Finishing up co-op power pt presentations
  • Research on funeral home co-ops
  • Contacting Bruce Cowie from Credit Union Central regarding their youth program
  • Contacting fellow starting co-op for people with mental illness in Halifax
  • Look into other co-op development leads

Best of luck to everyone this week.

WEEK 2: Kristi Kelly

Hey Everyone!!

First of all, good luck to Dan and Steph! I cannot wait to hear how your adventures in Ramea go, I am sure both of you will be able to use your skills to help do some good things there!

This week Neal and myself will be meeting with several individuals who are interested in the co-op model, and hopefully we can help them out anyway that we can. Once we get more details, we'll let you know! The annotated bylaws will soon be made available online (for worker coops) and we are looking forward to having David back in the office! Between meetings, we will be continuing to plan out our summer.

I'm still recovering from the loss of my wisdom teeth, but I'll still be making phone calls this evening. The phone schedule will remaint the same as last week (with the exception of Dan and Steph who will not have access to a phone).

Have a great week everyone and I looking forward to hearing from you!

WEEK 2: Annie Colwell

Hello All!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week-end! This week my goals are simple:Att
  1. Follow up on all of the leads that I have and get them materialized into some sort of organized meeting
  2. Continue Networking ( Follow up on the millions of voicemails that I left last week!!)
  3. Finish Administrative things such as Business Cards, Power Point Press (I'm going to see if I can get a hold of Peter's Powerpoint and incorporate it with that I have started).
  4. Attend any youth organization meeting that may be going on this week and spread the word of Co-operatives!

I will keep you all posted on the "micro-details" of my goals as I accomplish them through the week. Hope all is well!

Annie :-)