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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Almost August - presqu'août

The paat week I lucked into a ride to Moncton that coincided with the day that Diedre and Marc were scheduled to meet with Léo Leblanc at Co-op Atlantic. I sat in on part of that meeting and then Diedre, Marc and I met with Carole Findlay over lunch.

Oops...sitting in a wi-fi café that closes at 3 p.m. They are kicking me out. More later.

David D.

Friday, July 29, 2005


Hey everyone

This week has been a busy one for me, i spent most of the week working on the incorporation forms for Caroles Youth leadership program, i met with David and Marc, and we went to a meeting with Leo Leblanc who supplied me with quite a list of coop atlantic cooperatives that i might find useful. Then in the afternoon Muriel from Coop Atlantic was nice enough to give Marc and myself a tour and introduce us to quite a few of the people that work there. Then i met with Carole finley again we went over some interesting plans she has coming up for her program in the near future and discussed the bylaws, which currently im still revising and probably will be into the weekend.
Thats pretty much going on with me
have a good long weekend everyone

Week 9 (Happy Natal Day!)

Holy busy week, batman!
Here's the rundown:
  • Met with by-law committee of the HMC, did a bit of research on "dual quorums" and finished up a draft of their final bylaws to go before their AGM in the fall. Also attended the HMC general membership meeting on Wed, and their Board meeting that evening
  • Met with Bob and Matt at NS co-op council about the Co-operator World Cafe. A proposal (for funding) has been written, and will either be sent off this weekend or monday morning. We're looking to spill over into the fall, and hold the event on September 16th in Halifax. I've also gotten free coffee and tea for the event from Justus.
  • Met with Bob about the Governance tool. Turns out I had been given the completely wrong idea, and that I now have to start a new project (basically a Carver/Beyond Carver governance questionnaire) completely anew. Communication. Error.
  • Attended the AFCOOP director's meeting with Ric Turner, then told him my time was limited for helping with his project.
  • Met with Bruce Cowie with Matt in Truro. He showed some interest in the world cafe and gave a few names for me to follow up with.
  • Held perhaps the last ever session of Halifax Free School, and did a presentation on the basics of starting a co-op. Some folks looking to start up an artists co-op of heavy metal musicians were really keen. They were awesome.
  • Met with Fiona Talbot-Strong, referred to me by John Ure. Gave immensely helpful suggestions in organizations and groups to approach for the Co-op World Cafe.

That's it! Enjoy your weekend everybody.


an early Monday blog

Monday is some sort of government holiday. I'm not really sure why. I wanted to come in and get a head start on the week but they are like waxing the floors or something. So here is my Monday blog a little bit early.

1.Monday, I will put my day off of the office to good use (hopefully) and do some research on some of the projects David set me up with.
2. The youth worker coop is heading to Charlottetown to help paint a daycare, so I will have to track them down and see how it went and make sure everything is going well. We are having a meeting some day this week to finish off our marketing. Look for our ad on community cable!
3. David may have mentioned this to you all, but if any one needs any help dealing with government agencies, boards, commissions and departments, just let me know, and if I don't know the answer I'll get it for you.
4. I'm not sure what Edgar has planned for me next week, but if there is not too much going on I will start some of my research projects: francophone immigration, bird sanctuary coops, value-added local food products and rural development.
5. As always, more fun with accounting.

Friday Blog

This week I did a bunch of stuff:

1. Met with local immigration officials today and yesterday. It finally looks like we may do something real and concrete with this file, so if anyone has any resources they want to hook me up with, feel free.
2. More fun with accounting and administration of the retirement coop.
3. Submitted renovation plans for the craft coop to the province for funding.
4. I took Wednesday off because things were slow, so Saturday and/or Sunday I will have more fun with accounting and get some typing and stuff done.
5. Really just did a lot of finishing off things that are sitting on Edgar's desk waiting for the ok: press releases for the youth coop and the new sign at Day's corner, the community newsletter is ready for printing, the coop list got sent off, and the filing and organizing is all done.
6. The kids from the youth worker coop worked all week digging holes for the new seniors housing coop, and they were all muddy and sweaty and it was funny. ha. poor kids...

Wrap up of Week 9: Kristi Kelly

Another week is over! Holy Cow! This week was pretty good, no major meetings or anything. But a lot of administrative stuff has been taken care of.
  • In regards to the cricket cooperative, our request went from the Lieutant Governor's House, to Rideau Hall in Ottawa for the Governor General to approve - then off to Buckingham Palace!! Crazy eh? I was joking around in saying that I may even be able to get the Queen on my tracking sheet!
  • Initial meetings are now set up for the Importing/Exporting Cooperative and things are looking very impressive.
  • Neal and I are in full "spread the MYDAS word" mode and while he plans our trip across the island, we are looking into setting meetings up where we can.
  • We are also creating and editting some new promotional material that should come in handy - and boy oh boy do the business cards look great! Make sure you thank Neal for that one!

That's it from me, everyone have a great weekend and keep an eye open for a teleconference email for this up and coming Friday. Peace!

Wrap Up of WEEK 9: Matthew Petre

Happy Friday Everyone,

Glad to report that the week was productive and:
  • Met with Bob Williams (NSCC) and Stu regarding the Co-op Forum and we are pushing forward with one forum in the HRM area to centralize efforts and it is planned to take place in mid September
  • Stu and I met with Bruce Cowie from the Community Credit Union (Colchester), and MYDAS Nova Scotia is providing advisory services to the CCU with regards to their youth strategy in the region! Hoping to get them on as a supporter of the Co-op Forum as well!
  • Attended Healthy Minds Co-op meeting in Dartmouth which went very well, impressed with their progress to date
  • Phamphlet design for Healthy Minds is complete and will be sent to one of their members who used to have a graphic design/printing business
  • Worked on the Co-op Funeral Guide
  • Have not heard back from Rejean Laflemme from CCC regarding Funeral Co-ops in Quebec as of yet


Erin.End Wk 9

Hi there,
Workwise, this week went pretty well. I was able to finalize te bylaws with the VAC and submit them to Claire Gagnon for feedback. I finished the pamphlet for Leadership Fredericton and sent it to them. I followed up with Adam Cameron with the film co-op project. I contacted a person who wanted to discuss a fair trade shop, but I'm waiting to hear back from her.

I would still love to get some feedback from you about neat tourism ideas for rural areas.

The Co-operator article is now done (thanks to your help) and submitted.
I have more research and touch ups to start next week with and more will come up.
Have a great weekend,

Week Niner: Neal

Hello friends,

Hope all is well with everyone. This is what I did:
  • Worked on getting peoples business cards made up... They're looking pretty good, and I'm planning on stopping by Kwik Kopy today to get a price (Stu, I still need your info)

  • Worked on the template for a simple MYDAS brochure. It's quite graphic intese, so we may have to have it professionaly printed (if printed at all).

  • As part of David's "get the word out about MYDAS" scheme, I've been secretly developing a MYDAS webpage that can be used for all people who just want to come and see what it's about (since the blog is for our own personal use).

  • I'm swing by MYDAS HQ today to get the remittance figured out, and hopefully dropped off today, so long as one of David's other office buddies didn't do it already.

Hope everyone is doing great. Thanks for sending in your business card info so far.
Talk to you soon!


La FOire Brayonne Menomme ! Semaine nono 6 finito

Wow, quelle grande grande semaine !
Une chance que la fête du Nouveau-Brunswick et la fête des Acadiens arrivent a grand pas.

  • Débuté une recherche sur le coté Rurale vs Urbain. Recherche mené pour l’APÉCA par un ancien prof de l’U de M. I know it may seem stupid, but the cooperative world really works well in rural communities because you need the cooperation of the whole community to gain certain services, or goods that would run with no problems in the urban areas with the capitalist movement. Like I said at the Coop Atlantique’s A.G.M. the cooperative movement is the key for the well being of our rural communities. Combining youth and cooperation can bring many things into rural places. And considering that the Atlantic provinces consists of a démographie de 50 % rurale. Le mouvement coopératif compte beaucoup sur le Canada Atlantique.

    The research is really helpful in understanding the brain drain and the urbanization of our Atlantic provinces. Same as for the exiles of Atlantic Canada into the other provinces. ( your a special case Mat !!!)

Other news :

  • I have found that contacting people is hard because everybody is on vacation !

But I did manage to meet Léo LeBlanc with Diedre and David.

  • I also met Norma Babineau from St-Charle-de-Kent.

    It would be the coincidence that the project that Melvin was suggesting for me to help the CDR-Acadie would be the new coop in Dieppe witch isn’t incorporated yet. The project is also guided by guess who ?

    Mme Belle Eau de St-Charles-de-Kent. What a small world !
    I will certainly aid in developing strategies for the coop to gain youth’s attention and membership.

  • I will be meeting Jacque Lapointe’s assistant today in St-Léonard to teach to her about cooperatives and get a follow up of Jacque’s big plans for a forum on French rural immigration.

  • I finished the pamphlet for my local coop in St-Paul. The survey is going great, I have the best relationship with Gabriel, we are working greatly together and guess what ? the Coop Sales are at an all time high in St-Paul, so this means… We must be doing something right. I will continue with the Marketing development in my Coop.

  • Even though I had a rough conversation with Melvin, I will continue to use my forces to help the MYDAS team with the CDR’s cooperation.

    Bonne fin de semaine tout le monde !

    Moi, Erin puis Diedre se méritent lundi ‘’OFF’’ n’est-ce pas les filles ?


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Week 9: Stephanie Hobbs

I got caught up and forgot to blog yesterday, therefore I blog today. Better late then never they say. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy.

Newfoundland land has a few things planed for the week. Most of the stuff planed will be taking place outside meeting and on our own.

We are still completing the five year plan for Indian Head
We are now looking at a new market strategy for the Indian Head, targeting 77 people through the use of the co-ops monthly bulletin. This has a lot to do with market segregation.

We are also getting ready to meet with the Hemlock Farm to present Co-op, thanks to David and Kristi we have a good idea about agricultural farms.

We are also putting some ideas together for a power point presentation for the NLFC’s AGM that is scheduled for Spet30 and Oct 01 at the Holiday Inn in St John’s.

Have a good day. Keep smiling

Stephanie Hobbs

Monday, July 25, 2005

week 9

Hello everyone

This week brings a meeting with Leo Leblanc with Marc on wednesday morning, hopefully getting more contacts and info from Leo, so that is very exciting. More work inregards to incorporating the ACYL program with Carole Findley, which is quite the process considering were incorporating it Federally and not provincially so if anyone has any suggestions ill be more then happy to take them, im just a little lost, but David and Kristie have been very resourseful and helpful in leading me in the right direction. Also this week brings contacting the list of people Carole gave me about possible coop projects they may have in the works. Well that sums up my week pretty much.
Hope everyone has a good week

semaine 6

La semaine suivante et voici mes buts :

Débuté une recherche sur le coté Rurale vs Urbain. Recherche mené pour l’APÉCA par un ancien prof de l’U de M

Try getting contacts from my data bank on people who would like to start a coop. I will especially try to contact the following people:

Divers Ministère du Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick

Meet Léo LeBLanc and give Diedre a tour of the Coop Atlantic Building.

Meet Jacque Lapointe in St-Léonard.

I ‘m also gonna be working on a pamphlet for my local coop in explaining the basics of a coop.

Continue working with leads from the CDR-A

Bonne semaine tout le monde



Week number 9

Hey folks,
Time's a-flyin'
Goals for the coming busy week:
  • Meet with HMC committee for editing the final by-laws to present before the general membership after the interim period is up; HMC Board mtg on Wednesday.
  • Meet with Bob Williams and Matt regarding the NS co-op forum; Along with Matt, meet with Bruce Cowie of the Credit Union Central to discuss this same issue, as well as the credit union's youth strategy
  • After contacting key participants, nail down a date for the Co-op Forum
  • Finalize meetings for boards for Eric Turner's governance research: AFCOOP (done), Justus Coffee, Co-op boards in the Evangeline.
  • Continue work on a Board governance guide for HMC
  • Halifax Free School Presentation on Thursday; finalize MYDAS presentation for Tatamagouche Free School (check it out at freeschool.fairtrademedia.com)

cheers all,


25/07/05 Monday

Hi all

-Today I am meeting with the CSJ, the youth worker coop to discuss some upcomming events
-Edgar and I will also be working on a new filing system
-I will be finishing off a few projects that are due on wednesday (co-op phone list/immigration proposal)
-I will possibly be starting a website for the CDC
-David Daughton mentioned visiting sometime on Thursday
-I am hoping to get the CDC newsletter published by Friday, depending on how the week goes.

WEEK 9: Matthew Petre

Good Morning Everyone,

Time to begin another week in co-op land...
  • Meeting with Bob Williams from the NSCC and Stu regarding the Co-op forums/World Cafes for Halifax and Central NS (Truro)
  • Meeting with Bruce Cowie from Community Credit Union regarding their youth strategy
  • Attending Healthy Minds Interm Board meeting and Forum on mental health records
  • Working on promotional material for Healthy Minds...hoping to create a design I am happy with
  • Work on Funeral Co-op guide...follow up with Rejean Laflemme from CCC in Ottawa


Week 9 - Neal

Hey people,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here's the plan for the week:
  • Make contact with Wendy at the LEAP project and figure out what she's looking for in a website. Possibly start making a site for her

  • Get our payroll spreadsheet up to date and get our remittance figured out

  • Hopefully work with Kristi on the bylaws for her import/export co-op

  • Contact some island co-ops about offering them some advisory services, as most of our efforts to date have been in new co-op development.

  • Look in to getting a deal on fancy dancy business cards

Hope everyone has an awesome week... Stay golden, Ponyboys.


Wk 9: Wow...Week 9-Erin

Well, as most of you may have noticed, I'm more of a person that works 6hrs a day/7 days/wk then just 9-5 m-f. Yesterday I met with the VAC (Who will become The Underground Co-operative Limited) for 5hrs. It was awesome. They signed the lease for their space and we got through all of the bylaws and finally approved them. I'd like your help this week...see below.

This week:
  • Edit in all changes to bylaws and submit to Claire for feedback before official submission for The Underground Co-operative Ltd
  • Finish educational pamphlets for Leadership Fredericton and send them in
  • Try to find the right contacts for cricket co-op
  • Follow up and answer questions from Adam Cameron with potential SJ Film Co-op
  • Follow up with lady I met while having supper at Taco Pica (co-operative restaurant...co-operative people really do meet there) and discuss housing co-op as well as contact her daughter about possible alternative shop
  • Research for Steve Paget in Nackawic: This is where I would like to pick your brain. What ideas have you seen for tourism related co-operatives in your area that may be applied to a small town here in NB? Any websites or contacts I would appreciate.
  • Use everyone's comments and suggestions for Co-operator article and submit it ASAP, ( After edit, sending out for approval)
  • Contact Morris Green in Boiestown
  • Follow up with Lynne at NBTA Credit Union

Wow, so it's going to be an excellent week of good work. If you have suggestions, please send them to respectfordiversity@alloymail.com

Have a great week too!


WEEK 9: Kristi Kelly

Another week... another post...

  • Back spreading the cooperative word at a kids camp this week, should be a lot of fun (these are 11 to 15 year old kids... we need to get them started cooperatively early!)
  • Hoping to get some bylaws established with the importing/exporting cooperative this week, the ACOA money is in and hopefully incorporation is approaching in the soon coming weeks
  • Again, trying to touch base with this women in Halifax to get more details of cooperative they are looking to form
  • Follow up with some administrative details on the cricket cooperative, see if we get some necessary answers so we can move on...
  • Hopefully getting a meeting set up sometime this week with Wendy and working more with LEAP

That's it from me! Talk to you all later today!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New Phone Schedule

The new phone schedule is as follows:

Erin - 2:00pm

Diedre - 2:15pm

Marc - 2:30pm

Stu - 2:45pm

Matt - 3:00pm

Dan - 3:15pm

Stephanie - 3:30pm

Katie - 3:45pm

I am hoping that this may be easier for everyone as it is during the normal traditional work day. I am looking for feedback however. Please, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas in regards to making this process more effective, please let me know!

I look forward to talking to you all!