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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Semaine 8 terminé : Marc

Le 15 Août arrive !!!

Don’t expect to find me the 15th, I will be covered by flags, parades and many many FROLICs.

Work this week : Busy as usual.

  • Met Claire Gagnon and discussed certain items about coops and the Coop in Dieppe. We also discussed the youth’s place in the Coop movement.

  • I had a meeting with Norma Babineau, Murielle Boudreau and Martine Brideau for the recruitment comitee. I will establish over the next week a project to integrate young members.

  • I gave a call to Donald Daigle’s residence, wasn’t there the 3 times I called. I will try again after the Festival Acadien.

  • Contacted my local MP’s and the director of l’APÉCA. There could be possible meetings with their representatives in the next month.

  • Went to visit my local coop, and will shortly make a couple of changes to the survey following the members requests.

  • I finished my Essay ( Not too long because the most interesting weeks for me will be the upcoming ones..) I’ll be taking my picture tomorrow and correcting the draft, and I’ll sent it straight to ya Kristi.

I’ll also be working tomorrow and Sunday on finishing my project to submit to the recruitment committee for the new Coop in Dieppe.

Once again, a long long week, but the more we get there, the better it’s going for the incorporation !

Bonne fin de semaine et si vous avez la chance : écoutez les festivités de cette grande fête pour notre peuple qui se passe tout au long de la fin de semaine !

VIVE L’ACADIE et le 15 août, c’est le temps de fêter et nous fêterons…


Wrap Up Of Week 11: Matthew Petre

Hello Everyone,

Its been a great week and it was really nice of David to travel over to Halifax to meet with Stu and myself.

  • Completed the Funeral Home Co-operative Guide and awaiting feedback
  • Met with Mel Gosse from CCU which was a great success
  • Followed up with Monica DiOchon from St. FX and she is possibly interesed in doing some research with respect to co-operatives
  • Completed My MYDAS Experience Essay
  • Worked on the World Cafe doing some research on Co-op Atlantic
  • Met with David
  • Inquired into how many jobs have been created with new co-ops developed, 10 part time and 3 full time so far, still waiting back on some responses
  • Updated my contact list

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

20051208 -Friday Blog

Hi all,

Things are really picking up here in Wellington. As of today, several projects are well on their way. I will give a description of what I've done so far, because some interns are done, and I'm only half way through my internship, just to let everyone know what has happened.

-Chez Nous Seniors Home Coop: I am doing the accounting for them, and we had our first payroll run withouth a hitch. We're still working some bugs out of the accounting programs, but all is going well over there. Edgar is spending a lot of time with the old folks, whereas I am hiding behind a computer screen, where I am most comfortable, paying the bills :)

-Cooperative Service Jeunesse: This is the youth worker cooperative that I am acting as coordinator and secretary for. I built them a neato accounting program, and their first payday is today. They have made over 800$ in just a few weeks. We are also in the middle of planning a coop development day at Mill River Resorts, where the kids will teach other kids about coops, and then we'll all go for a pizza party and a swim. We went to work in Charlottetown on Wednesday for the East Coast Music Association.

-Festival Acadien: The CDC is the official sponsor for this festival and we are planning a major cooperative marketing campaign at this event. I have been planning a booth to represent all the coops, complete with information packages to give out to those in attendance. We have been in touch with the coops to get them to participate as much as possible with this campaign.

-Immigration project: This project is only in the planning stages right now. We are asking for funding to create a welcoming coop, and to have a resource person to help new french immigrants in the region. Right now, we are meeting with existing stakeholders, and trying to contact possible new partners that will be able to add to the project.

-Other stuff: Once I get all the information collected on the coops the CDC represents, I'm going to compile it to create a website for the CDC. Also along the way we will be publishing a newsletter to let the community know what the CDC has been doing, and what upcoming events we are planning.

As for Monday, I'm not sure if I will be in the office out of respect for la Fete d'Acadie, so I will do my Monday blog now.

Monday, I will probably catching up with some work at home and finishing off my MYDAS essay. For the rest of the week, I am planning to:

-more fun with accounting (fixing the computer at the Seniors Home)
-preparing an add for the "Voix Acadien" about the CDC's participation in le Festival Acadien
-meeting with the existing local committee in charge of promoting immigration, finishing off immigration proposal, and applying for funding
-planning the event at Mill River for CSJ
-meeting with CSJ as to their participation in the event at Mill River and le Festival Acadien
-start collecting and compiling information for local coops for website and le Festival Acadien

That's it for Erin

Hi team,
This week and this summer has been super. Thanks to David, the group and the sponsors for allowing me to be part of something so awesome. I have learned so much. When reflecting on the beginning of the summer, we can really see how far we've come.

This week I was able to achieve all of my goals:
-met with VAC and tied up lose ends
-Met with Sue Rickards and gave her a package for the group in Nackawic
-Typed up ACYL bylaws and revised
-Tied up other items with other people
-finished reporting

And the grand finale...I am meeting in a short while to have an officer of oaths witness my signature and then all of the items for the incorporation of VAC to Below the Ground Co-operative will be completed! Yeah!

Take care and best of luck acheiving the rest of your goals!

Wrap up of Week 11: Kristi Kelly

Well, another hot week!! Thank goodness for weekends!! This week proved to be quite exciting acutally here on lil'PEI:
  • Neal and I had an interview with CBC Television on Tuesday (before he disappear) and it was on the 6:oopm news - VERY EXCITING! We have a few sketchy tapes, but we will be making an order for the DVD soon so everyone can see.
  • We also found out that we were featured in both the Guardian and the Buzz, 2 popular Island newspapers - so I went on a hunt for them (and at least found one) - I am still working on the other
  • Helped Wendy out with some adminstrative type stuff for the LEAP cooperative project and we look forward to finishing up the incorporation sometime soon
  • Completed my "My MYDAS Essay" and edited the outline (and sent it out to all you folks)
  • Before Neal left, we managed to have the business cards ordered, and today I will pick them up so they can be sent next week with the payroll.

So yah, enjoy the weekend everyone, hopefully the nice hot weather will continue!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Important: Annual General Report Requirements!

Hey folks, I hope all your essays are coming along nicely. Shortly you will be recieving an email with the outline of the AGR attached for your review. On the date of the 14th (or 15th) - when you submit you "My MYDAS Essay" can you also attach the following for the report:

  • Compiled tracking sheet as of the 14th of August (all your tracking sheets compiled into one)

  • Copies of any media releases sent out

  • Copies of any news articles or footage in regards to MYDAS (or notification that you have a copy of an article)

  • Updated Resume

  • Updated Community Listings (where you have worked, same idea as the last time, but a complete listing)

  • Updated Projects (cooperative worked with, a complete listing)

  • Incorporation Description (Summary of project, number of jobs created, number of members involved - around 100-150 words)

Another thing that we are looking for is digital photographs. Could each team be responsible for collecting a) a single photograph of each intern and b) some on the job action shots - as long as these are all sent before August 20th, it should be fine.

As you can imagine, this is going to be a very impressive document once compiled and we would appreciate your promptness and efficiency in sending in the required pieces.

Once completed, the document will be send out for your folks' approval, so the sooner you get stuff in, the sooner, we can get it out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to receiving the required information!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Post-summer meeting

Here is what I have received from people, There seems to be no time that is good for everybody so I will leave the question to the "brain-trust" as David and ask fro suggestions.

David after Aug 26th
Matt, before the 27th
Diedre after 20th
Kristi, before the 28th
Neal, after the 26th, the later the better though
Stu "“I could meet Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week (Aug 16-17). The Sunday (21st) could also work.
I can meet the Wed, Thurs, Fri, or weekend of the following week (24-28)"
Steph, after the 28th
Dan, late august, the later the better.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Semaine Numéro 8

I still can’t believe I will be a strategic advisor in the incorporation of the biggest coop grocery store in Atlantic Canada. It’s getting exiting!!!

Yeehaa vive les jeunes et le programme MYDAS

Other than my great joy and motivation for my job and holiday coming here are the goals set for this week :

  • Meet Claire Gagnon and discuss certain items about coops and the Coop in Dieppe.

  • Meeting with the recruitment committee for Dieppe’s new Coop. I shall also start to develop certain strategies for them and to join Youth into the cooperative Movement ( recruitment wise and the movement in general )

  • Try contacting Raymond Galland from l’APÉCA

  • For the time being with all the vacations, I will TRY to contact Donald Daigle for now

  • Contact my federal MP, Dominic LeBlanc and Mme Claudette Bradshaw.

  • Continue working with Gabriel and my local Coop

  • Write my Essay

Well plenty for the week, a preperation week for our National Holiday le 15 août !!!



Monday, August 08, 2005

Back on the other Island

Howdy mainlanders,

The western Newfoundland foray was culturally and co-operatively rewarding. The decision to travel by m/cycle was originally made for reasons of economy, but the fun factor spin-off was an added bonus. When not beavering away with those hard-working Newfoundlanders, I rode the tires down to baldness on the nifty NF roads. At times, it seems that the *least* scenic parts of Newfoundland are even more attractive than the much-vaunted Cabot Trail. While in Stephanieville, we attended the “Save Our Mill” meeting. Before we could turn it into a worker co-op, the pesky New Brunswick government had made Abitibi an offer they liked better. You have all heard about the projects that Stephanie and Dan are working on, but it added to my own understanding to be able to see their office, meet their network of friends and supporters, and soak up the atmosphere “like a fish inside a bowl”.

On the return trip, I lucked onto an early boat out of Port aux Basques. “Lucked” may be overstating the case, as delays meant docking in North Sydney at 01:45 which – in turn – meant bedding down in the bushes of Big Pond at 02:30. This meant that I was in good time for my meeting with the CWCF contingent the following a.m. A personal best time from Big Pond to the ferry (2:03) got me onto the 16:30 boat which meant I actually made it home on my15th wedding anniversary…YAY…as Kristi might say

Other than the 275 e-messages that had built up, everything back on PEI was hunky-dory. I’m glad to be back, but looking forward to a brief off-Island visit to Stu and Matt later this week.

On the co-op front, Rideau Hall shot down the “Royal” designation, but the cricket co-op is still on the cards, the strata-title housing co-op project is supposed to close August 30, I head to a meeting of a French language CED co-op tomorrow a.m…
There are also Letters of Intent to write and the usual roster of reports, invoices etc to submit. We are in the “home stretch” and I really look forward to finishing the summer portion of the program with a flourish.
Don’t forget to let Dan know your debriefing possibilities. It’s a stretch, but I’m hoping we can put our heads/hearts together one more time in the same place/time. YAY…again.

WEEK 11: Matthew Petre

Greetings All,

Looks like that Southern Ontario heat found us again in Atlantic Canada.

Stu and I are looking forward to meeting with David this week here in NS.
This will be a busy week, I will be:
  • Completing the Funeral Home Co-operative Guide for the NSCC
  • Meeting with Mel Gosse of Credit Union Central with Stu
  • Following up with Monica Diochon of St. F X University re: MYDAS
  • Complete My MYDAS Experience Essay
  • Work on the World Cafe, assembling a list of potential delegates from Central NS, making contact with Co-op Atlantic re: involvement
  • Inquiring into how many jobs have been created by co-operatives I have worked with this summer
  • Update contact list


Week 11

Getting down to the wire.
Here's my week:
  • Complete a one to two page summary on the principles of Board Governance for NSCC, send it off to Bob and Fred for review; Begin to formulate questionnaire
  • Meet with CHFC on Tues aft
  • Meet with John Stewart, looking to create a theatre co-op in Hfx, tuesday morning
  • Meet with Camille Dumond of Heartwood on Wed
  • Set up meeting with Mel Goss of Credit Union of NS
  • Give Tata presentation on Thursday
  • Work on My MYDAS essay
  • Continue work on World Cafe



WEEK 11: Kristi Kelly

Hello everyone!

Neal is leaving me... I am going to be terribly lonely and work will not even be close to being to the same quality, but some how I will desperately try to survive...
  • On a more serious note, this week we will be finalizing the ImpEx bylaws and hopefully having them reviewed and sent off for incorporation
  • Keeping into with the LEAP project, they are having some administrative, bylaw meetings this week and once completed... hello incorporation! This is an amazing project! We are very excited to be a part of it
  • I will be getting started on the Annual General Report - so keep your eyes on the blog to check out little things that we are going to make this report an amazing one!
  • Packages too, will be put together for all our Island MP's to get them hopping on the MYDAS train to see what we are all about!

The phone schedule is the same as last week! Have a great one folks and I look forward to talking with you all!

Friday and Monday August 8

Hello all,

I have locked myself out of my office, so I will take this opportunity to blog while waiting for someone to come back from lunch. But I am starving and my lunch is in the office and it is not cool.

Two major things happened last week. I finished moving to PEI and I am almost all unpacked and settled, so my evenings and weekends will be no longer occupied. I also finished the mega-accounting file for the Seniors Coop, so hopefully that one coop will not be taking up so much of my time.

My apologies for missing the conference call on Friday. I was unavoidably out of the office untill noon. I will read over the minutes ASAP and e-mail any questions, comments I may have. Please feel free to contact me on any issue, as I have much more time now to work on other projects. I also set up an MSN account to communicate with the youth worker coop, so if anyone wants to reach me that way, feel free. My msn e-mail is iluv11rats@hotmail.com (dont ask).

Last week:
-As I said, last week I finished off the Chez Nous accounting program. This involved a lot of data entry, so it took up most of the week. I set up a computer at the seniors home so that accounting can either be done there, at the office, or at my home office. As I may be in either of those places, if you cannot reach me, try my cell at 902-393-1856.
-Meeting of the CSJ, the youth worker coop. We finalized our marketing efforts, opened a bank account at the credit union, and recruited two new members. The kids have had several jobs, and have already worked more than last years youth coop.
-Had the CSJ posters printed, and bought the last of the equipment for the Seniors Home.
-Paid the invoices, took in the rent for the Seniors Home.
-Received an e-mail in regards to the local radio coop. It seems the technical requirements are more substantial than we had planned, so back to the drawing board!

Plans for this week:
-Today I did the remittance to the government for the Seniors home for July, and started this weeks payroll.
-Planning to catch up on some typing of minutes, and some correspondance, and other administrative tasks.
-Planning a fun day for local kids, where the CSJ coop will teach them a little about cooperatives, and then they will all go for a swimming party and BBQ. Tentative date is the last week of August. The CSJ will set the agenda, I am just reserving the meeting space.
-Send off the immigration project for funding consideration.
-Driving the CSJ around so they can drop off flyers about themselves, and post them up at local stores and attractions.

As I said, my home office is set up, as well as the office at the Seniors Home, so I may be a little hard to track down, and I will be working from home a little more. Leave a message on my cell, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks and have a good week,


Erin: Last week

Hi there,
I've got lots to keep me busy on my last week here.
  • Send off package to ACOA
  • Type up and revise bylaws for ACYL (split between Diedre and I), see where we can get with it
  • Get all things tied up with VAC: incorporate this week, deal with forms and attend 2 meetings
  • Write essay/report
  • Meet with Sue Rickards about Nackawic
  • Answer questions from Adam with the SJ film group
  • Tie up loose ends with al other contacts and connect Diedre with remaining project persons


Week 11ish: Neal

So as I'm sure you all know, I am going to be heading to Germany (for World Youth Day) on Wednesday for two weeks. Therefor, I am only going to be working for two days this week, and this will probably be my last post until I get back after the 23rd. If I get to a computer in Germany, I will do my best to make a post or two to let you all know how I'm getting along.

Anyway, today and tomorrow will include:
  • Finishing my esssay for the final report

  • Hopefully seeing to and approving the business card proofs tomorrow

  • Helping Kristi with anything she needs before I head away

Well folks, I hope you all have a good couple of weeks co-oping it up here in Atlantic Canada. If I see any incorporation possibilities in Germany, I will do my best to get them on the tracking sheet.

Take care, and talk to you when I get home.


week 11

Good morning all

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. I plan on meeting with Bonnie Cambell of the YMCA social development program, because she's interested in knowing more on mydas and cooperatives, then maybe hear back from Peter H with some news on the aboringinal coop happening here in moncton. I'd also like to meet with teh Aberdeen cooperative group here in Moncton, becasue i hear there doing wonderful things with thre multiuse coop. In the near futrue (within today and tomorrow) ill be sending each of you Coop Atlantic contact list of cooperatives, with each interns respective province list first then the whole list, soorry i haven't gotten this to you earlier im have to write it out because i don't have a scanner. Also i look forward to working with Carole and Erin this week to get Acyl incorporated asap, and also research some ideas for the Nackawic group.

Hope everyone ejoys their week

Week 10 Ender

Here's a review of what was accomplished last week:

  • Worked on Governance Diagnostic Tool
  • Confirmed date and time for world cafe; sent out the first media advisory; completed a package to send to potential participants; did up a partial list of key co-ops to focus upon; began distributing the package
  • Arranged meeting with CHFC, Credit Union of Halifax
  • Continued work on HMC bylaws
  • Start "My Mydas" essay, participated in Conference call
  • Met with Dave Ron, finalized details of Tata free school presentation
  • Got in touch with members of AYCL of Heartwood Centre.



Sunday, August 07, 2005

week plan

Hey Friends,
This is week has promise to be fun, Steph and I will be continuing the projects we have going and also meeting with people about a community network, should be very informative. We also met with the wetlands co-op and you can all expect a cry for help from us later this week when we have a better understanding of what they need.

Also last week it was great to have David here with us, one can forget what a great resource he is when he is not around you, but trust me friends he has the asnwers to your co-op questions.
Have fun,