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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Wrap up ---> Semaine 4

Bonjours mes compatriotes de l’Atlantique.

This week’s wrap up ( a long week for me )

  • Well, I met you guys it was great to have a face behind the blog notes. I hope I get to meet our so far away interns from NFDL

  • I also started the Marketing research in my local coop

  • I met Marc Duguay and got really interesting stuff about housing cooperatives in ma region Acadienne

  • I also met Melvin Doiron wich was great I will probably be working with potencial coops by the CDRC-A Conseil dévellopement Régional cooperative Acadien

It was great to finnaly meet him and talk about cooperatives..

  • I met Diane Carey who works for the Entreprise Péninsule. She worked on many projects such the J’y reste, J’y reviens forum witch had many youths who were seeking entrepreneurship or wanted to work in la peninsula Acadienne but didn’t know were to start looking after finishing University

  • Met Raymond Gionet who is a part time employee of la CDCR-A
    I will be communicating with this man very frequently since I will try to help la CDRC-A follow it’s common objectives that we have for the MYDAS coop.

Doesn’t sound like much when you read it but it takes so much time to do it all, and do it well, most importantly !

Have a great week-end guys and gals it’s gonna be a beauty


Wrap up of Week 7: Matthew Petre

Done and Done, another week has past and I am excited for the weekend. This week I:
  • Took part in the training session at David's Monday and Tuesday which was an outstanding success
  • Involved in the Incorporation of Heatherdale Cemetery Co-op Ltd. in New Glasgow on Monday afternoon
  • Contacted Rejean Laflemme from the Conseil Canadien de la Coopération (CCC) in Ottawa, as he is there business development officer and is in charge of funeral co-ops in the Province of Quebec
  • Followed up with contacts from various Atlantic Canadian Universities
  • Did some more research into the Truro Co-op Forum
  • Created a draft brochure for Healthy Minds Co-op, still trying to get it just right

Thats it from me...have a great weekend everyone!


week 7 wrap up

Hey everyone

This week has gone by so fast, what with a great start off with the orientation earlier this week made the week go by so quickly. This week i set up an appointment with Carole and we met and talked about cooperatives in and around the Moncton area and she gave me some contacts. We also worked with Carol in turning the the Atlantic cooperative youth leadership program into a coop to be incorporative, which i might add is very exciting.
thats about it for me hope everyone had a good weekend, thanks to Neil ill be spending my pay at the big flea market this weekend
Later all Diedre

Week seven wrap-up: Neal

Hey all.

Week seven was full of excitement and joy, not unlike most weeks at MYDAS PEI headquarters.

This week, I:
  • spent Monday and Tuesday at David's place for the orientation. It went very well, I might add

  • Tried to duplicate Marc's business cards so that we can all be blingin' with sweet business cards. They're pretty close

  • Inquired in to prices for business cards. Pricy, but we may be able to do it if we all only wanted a few (like 50) each.

  • Got Diedre paid and got the MYDAS QuickBooks up to date

  • Met with Wendy Pobjoy on several co-op opportunities that may be on the way.

  • Played geek and helped Wendy set up a blog

  • Normal, run of the mill, email upkeep, etc.

Hope all is good with everyone else. Have a swell weekend, and blog you later!


week wrap up

Hello All,
It was great speaking to everyone, i wish i could have been there in person.

This week was spent with the Indian Head co-op, we are currently segmenting their market and identifying ways to reach specific segments, we are then following through with actually marketing dirrectly to specific targets. I know its just one sentence for a weeks work but its a large task.

Enjoy the weekend,
I will be sure to have one for each of you,

Erin:Wrap up Wk 7

Well, I have done a lot of little things over the past few days, including:
  • worked on preparing packages for enterprise offices
  • contacted Enterprise Fredericton to add to their summer entrepreneurship camp agenda (hopefully)
  • edited success story
  • worked away at co-operator article
  • provided financing and bylaw advising for the VAC

I think I'll work a little over the weekend too. I'd like to get the article out to the other interns early next week so everyone can add comments and we get a draft in next week.




Friday Wrap Up

For only a few days work I think I got a lot done.

-got to know the community
-got my office straigtened out (got them to buy me a new computer, well for the coop at least)
-started work on the radio coop by e-mailing a consultant for a revised technical study
-will meet with the youth coop today at noon
-almost finished updating the information on the Wellington coop lists as a lot of their phone numbers, adresses, etc. had changed and were listed incorrectly
-got my payroll and expenses in to MYDAS
-made a contact at DevTech PEI who is working on a similar immigration project as us.

I am going to Halifax friday night untill sunday night, but I will have my cell and e-mail if any one needs me.

Wrap up of Week 7: Kristi Kelly

Hello!!! What a week!! It flew by and finally by today... it all seem to slow down just enough to breathe!

  • Training, as you all know, it went well and we managed to get a cooperative meeting in there as well. Hurray!
  • I was working with an entrepreneurial camp this week, and both Neal and David made appearances, sharing experiences and hammered with questions from the kids
  • We had a really great meeting with Wendy Pobjoy who is looking to incorporate a cooperative that will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for parents (low income) with small children... and the first component will hopefully be with the creation of a "temp worker cooperative". From there, with David's help, we can look into the incorporation of an "umbrella" or administrative type cooperative to manage such projects. This is really exciting news, and yesterday Neal and myself, helped her to set up her own blog for the project! Once it is fit for eyes, we'll give you the link!

So that has been the week! I am off to enjoy Friday and all the work it brings!! Talk to you all next week!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Hey dudes and dudettes:

Here's a link to all of the training photos our fearless leader took at the sessions:



Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hey guys, great meetings by the way !

I was just wondering if you guys : Kristy or Neal ( computer man ).. were gonna list the incorporations to date on the web site !!!

We are all doing a great job and some of you have already incorporated, that prooves that we are making a difference and making oppertunities happen.

Let's put these up so that the public and our funders can see this !

keep on rocking and corporating guys !!! We're making the Atlantic provinces better !!!.... one day @ a time



Week 7

Hello All

It was nice to meet with almost everyone at this week fantastic orientation. My plans for the week are as follows, i plan to set up ssme meeting with already established coops in the Moncton area to get more of a feel for what's going on in the Moncton coop world. Talk with Carole about some possible cooperative contacts, talk with Bonnie Campbell the social director for the local YMCA for some possible organizations that might be interested in learning more or anything about cooperatives. And work on the presentation created by Carole for the presentation in Rexton the next week. Well thats all from me, i hope everyone has a good week.


Week 7

This will be a short week, thanks in part to the orientation in PEI.
  • Complete a proposal for a Halifax Co-op Forum, and get lots of feedback from Matt; Follow up with the Heartwood Centre
  • Follow up with Solidarity Boots
  • Contact Profs at Dal, SMU, MSVU to promote the MYDAS program
  • Attend Healthy Minds Interim Board meeting (tonight)
  • Set up a few meetings of Co-op Boards for Rick Turner



0506013 Monday Blog

Hi all.

My plans for the rest of the week.

1. Visit local coops (Done).
2. Find my payroll tax stuff somewhere and get all MYDAS admin stuff taken care of that I need to do.
3. Figure out which project to start with, probably the radio coop.
4. Continue to meet people and muddle through my french.
5. Clean up Edgars Office!!!!
6. Update the PEI co-op phone list for the conseil de cooperation.

If Kristi or Neil or David are reading this, could some one let me know about any paper work I am missing. I am getting the tax form today, and I sent off my expense report, and I have no contacts to date. I need to know if there is anything else I need to fill out for you folks. My best email is kcudmore@eastlink.ca, although Edgar is giving me a new one soon.


The orientation went well and it was excellent to refresh, renew and share ideas.
For the remainder of the week I will be working away on a bunch of things:
  • VAC bylaw advising (we're getting close to incorporation)
  • VAC preferred shares preparation/financial advising
  • Atlantic Co-operator article (hopefully finish)
  • Preparing co-op info packages for NB Enterprise Centres and send them out (contact are already made and have requested this info)-I'll have to create a few diagrams/lessons to insert with previously created materials



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

WEEK 7: Matthew Petre

Greetings All,

I am also a little late posting for this week due to the orientation which I would say was an outstanding success. Thanks again to David for being such a gracious host! For the remainder of the week, my goals include:
  • Working on the Funeral Guide, contacting a funeral co-op in Quebec
  • Work on a new phamphlet for Healthy Minds promotional material
  • Following up with contacts from St. FX, SMU and Acadia Universities
  • Further research into Truro Co-op Forum

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Week VII: Neal "Mr. Slackblog" Gillis

Okay, so I know that I didn't post on Friday. I don't know why. Kristi and I did have some running around to do, but it must have just slipped my mind. I apologize. Check her post and I'm sure I did pretty much the same thing.

As for this week, I am posting late due to the orientation that went on yesterday and today, so here it goes:

  • Wednesday and Thursday I will be working from home for the most part, as Kristi is going to be occupied with her business camp during the days

  • We've a meeting on Thursday afternoon with Wendy Pobjoy (?) that will involve two (count 'em... TWO) co-op possibilities, which will hopefully someday join forces with a third to form a second tier co-op

  • I am going to attempt to copy the design for Marc's business cards on Photoshop, as they're infinitely better than the MS Word ones that I threw together last month

  • Get the MYDAS QuickBooks up to date

  • Get our payroll spreadsheet up to date

Hope everyone got home safe and sound from the orientation! Catch ya's on the flip side!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Week 7: Stephanie Hobbs

Well I hope everyone is having fun at David's Place, I am sad I couldn't be there with you all.

Dan and I have a planned to spend some time with Paul King this week, he is being a big help with the Indian Head 5 year plan as well as with a few other things. The 5 year plan, which was only a strategic plan to begin with has turned into a bit more work then thought, not that we mind as long as we have time for other things. The Indian Head are really grateful to have us there to help.

We are also working on an information package for the potential Hemlock farming co-op, this package will be used to kind of sell the idea of co-ops. We are just waiting on some information from Kristi.

We are still in touch with Ramea, they now have 4 people hired and working! Good for them!

Hope the trainin is going well, can't wait to talk to you guys tomorrow.


Week 7

This week should be a good one, I trust everyone is enjoying the orientation session at David’s play, I wish I could be there with you all.

Steph and I will be spending a fair bit of the week with Paul King, the area manager for NL from Co-op Atlantic, should be informative. We are also in the process of producing an info package for a potential agricultural co-op.

Have fun,

WEEK 7: Kristi Kelly

Man oh Man, the weeks are flying!
  • As we all know, the training is taking place this Monday and Tuesday at David's so that will take up the first part of the week.
  • I am working with a "Break into Business" camp, on and off this week so I will be spreading the co-operative word to 12 campers from the ages of 11-15.
  • We are going to talk to Wendy this week and help her to get her LEAP blog up and running
  • See what the deal is with the "royal cricket cooperative" is - see if we can get another incorporation!

With the week shaken up a bit, our plans had to change, but I am sure we will manage to fill up the rest of our week with administration and contacting work!

Semaine 4 ---> Attentes

Bonjours chers collègues, et surtout… chère collèguEs!

Well Let’s start by meeting huh ?

  • get to PEI this week to meet you guys

  • Get more information on Jason Frenette in what financial planning he would be to help in the creation of a Coop.

  • Start of the Marketing Research by placing surveys in my Coop

  • Meeting Marc Duguay le 15 de juillet.

  • Contact Melvin Doiron and confirm the reunion fort eh 15 or the week-end !

Well doesn’t sound like much, but that’s a week folks !

Passé une belle semaine toul’monde ! On s’voit aujourd’hui !