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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Good evening all

Sorry about the late post, due to all the nice weather i was hit hard with a case of sunstroke, now that im all rested up, i can further prepare for the presentation on Monday with Carole in Rexton, this week i was able to talk with Peter H about the possible cooperative starting in Moncton, however the actually face to face meeting has been postponed for the first week in August. I made further inquieries into the housing cooperative models in Strata title, however it seems everyone has gone on vacation or has gone to the golf course for some "work" and "meetings". so next week the chances are ill be golf cadding for someone so i can get some answers and info. Also next week Marc and I will be meeting with Leo Leblance, and i have set up some meetings for the first two weeks of August when people return from vacation. Due to my illness i wasn't able to get all i wanted done, however ill be working this weekend so my week can go more smoothely.

Hope everyone has a good weekend

Friday, July 22, 2005

Semaine 5 ...SA se termine

Well a busy week ( and another one next week ! )

I contacted a lot of people this week as things are starting to shape up for me.

  • I didn’t get to set up a meeting with Léo LeBlanc this week and go to Coop Atlantic With Diedre but it’s a do for next wesnday.

  • I Contacted Claire Gagnon and learned more about her position and herself. I will try to meet her next week

  • started compiling the data and moving to phase 2 of my research

  • Got info on a ‘’coopérative de santé’’ that may be started in St-Isidore.

Like I said lots of contacted people this week so next week, It will be a meetings glore week !

Have fun this week y’all


Week 8

Afternoon all,
A decent week, with a few, uh, bumps.
Things done during this sweltering week;
  • Met with John Ure regarding the co-op forum, along with Matt. Began calling a few co-ops who'd be "softer" on the idea to get a sense of when we'd do it. Set up meetings with other contacts John suggested as resource people. Prepared a proposal for the Forum. In the midst of preparing a budget.
  • Did some research on CEED loan programs for Solidarity Boots
  • Set up two meetings for Eric Turner for the Governance Project.
  • Prepared publicity for a presentation for Halifax Free School next week
  • Contacted a friend who has an organic farm operating as a land trust. Did some further research.

cheers all,

End of week 8: Neal

Hello everyone,

Another great week in PEI co-op land. The weather was beautiful, and the work was fun... as always. This week, I:
  • Helped Wendy Pobjoy on the LEAP program she is developing.

  • Took care of the payroll and the like

  • Kept up on co-op correspondence (dispite our efforts, the MAIS group is in no rush to get stuff done)

  • My brand spanking new 15" PowerBook laptop came today, so I've been setting that up so I can take her in to the office and be infinitely more effecient

  • Typed up the contact list

Horray for an other beautiful weekend. Take care everyone!


Wrap up of WEEK 8: Matthew Petre

Hi Everyone,

Looks like that Southern Ontario heat found us here in the Maritimes....wow its hot in NS.
Its been a great week and I:
  • Completed a brochure for Healthy Minds but I will be redesigining it again as I am still not content with the design, also still waiting on graphics from Steve Ayer
  • Submitted my progress report on the Funeral Co-op Guide to the NSCC and met with Bob Williams and Fred Pierce regarding it
  • Met with Stu and John Ure in Halifax regarding the Co-op Forums/World Cafes
  • Contacted Wild Blueberry Harvesters Festival Co-op to inquire on their progress
  • Rescheduled meeting with Bruce Cowie from Community Credit Union to next Wednesday morning
  • Attended the press conference at the NSCC for their and the Provincal Government's announcement to expand to a 33 Million Dollar loan guarantee program in conjunction with the Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises


Wrap Up of Week 8: Kristi Kelly

Well folks, what a lovely week it was. The weather here on the Island was BEAUTIFULLY HOT! On the productive side of it all however, this week managed to be quite busy...
  • Neal and I are working away, helping Wendy with her new blog and the LEAP project
  • We heard news that there is a group interested in potentially forming a cooperative similar to the Black Islanders Cooperative, and we are excited to hear more details (it is in NS, so Stu and Matt - look for a heads up on that one)
  • Finished up some administrative type stuff for the potential cricket cooperative
  • Sadly enough, heard news that the MAIS students want to *wait* until September to continue on the cooperaitve route.... *siiiiiiiigh*
  • And of course, we managed to get payroll out and about!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!! I look forward to hearing how all your guys weeks went!

22072005 Friday post

Hi all

This week I:

-continued work with the youth worker cooperative on marketing, we are issuing a press release sometime next week
-met with the marketing committee for the "conseil des cooperatifs" to discuss the creation of a website for our organization, and also marketing coops at the Acadian Festival in September
-created a draft community newsletter about coops, as well as a community calendar
-worked on creating a cost estimate for renovations to one of our craft coops
-had a busy week because I started a bunch of smaller projects which I will hopefully know more about next week

Wk 8 Wrap up

Good morning everyone,
This week has been awesome for me. I've done so much.
I have put a draft together of the Co-operator article and got some excellent quotes and feedback. I'll change it around and hopefully get it out to you today.
I completed the information and packages for the Enterprise Centres and sent them out.
I helped VAC with their bylaws and trying to figure out some major issues about their incorporation.
I attended 2 VAC meetings.
I contacted Jonathan Foster from UNB about a partnership.
I have tried to get info for the PEI cricket co-op about a NB co-op but the contact info is dated so I'll further research that.
I had a long conversation with Steve Paget from Nackawic and I have some research to do for him.
I contact Adam Cameron about the SJ Film Co-op and I'm waiting for a reply.
It's been a great week and for the rest of today I'll be working on the article, doing research and going over VAC bylaws.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Reporting Request!

Hey folks... a reminder to have your additional reporting statements in by this friday. All the details were included my last email! Thanks!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

mid-week 8

Hello all - Happy to report that I am coughing less and coping better. I responded to Katie's inquiry about last year's francophone interns directly to her e-address. Managed to secure some travel funds so that our NL colleagues can get back to Ramea. Working away on reporting for the CDI end of quarter requirements. As well as monitoring you guys/gals, my own co-op development efforts continue, with an innovative housing co-op project, contribution to the new immigrants and co-ops research, as well as some of the same projects that Kristi and Neal mention. I encourage all of you to post questions about any projects you come across...chances are that there will be useful information available on everything from cricket to ground hemlock. Thanks for keeping on the co-op trail.
David D.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Question for PEI Mydas workers?

Edgar had mentioned that either last year or the year before someone from MYDAS had organized some sort of kids activity in the Evangeline area to promote coops and have a general fun day. I was wondering if anyone who was involved in that is still around or would have any information on it, as we are planning to do something similar this summer. Anyone who knows any thing about it can e-mail me at kcudmore@eastlink.ca, or call me at work at 854-3439 ext. 234.


Monday, July 18, 2005

week 8

Hello everyone

This week brings further investigation into strata title housing and Prairie sky housing coop out west for more insight in how these coops work. Hopefully be able to week with Carole Findley again about the work to be done about incorporating the youth leadership program she manages, which is coming along quite nicely. Also a possible contact with Peter Hough about an aboriginal coop starting near the moncton area. I will also be setting up appointments with some coop experts in the area where hopefully they can lead me into some more info about possible coop groups looking for assistance in Moncton.
Hope everyone has a good week

later days

Week 8

Week 8

This week will be spent with Indian Head Co-op again, the market analysis is going well, we have a series of meets set to discuss various parts with people from the co-op. We are also planning a trip back down to Ramea whenever we get word regarding funding from the NLFC. With luck we can be of further help to the Ramea Community Co-op. Also we received a package regarding agricultural co-ops that I am looking forward to reading.
I trust all is well,

WEEK 8: Kristi Kelly

Hello, hello! So week 8 begins...
  • Moving along on the Royal Prince Edward Island Cricket Club Cooperative Limited... hoping to get some final administrative stuff out of the way, then we should be all set for incorporation! YAY!
  • Working closely with the LEAP project, if you want to check out their blog, you may do so at www.leapproject.blogspot.com - it is a great project and hopefully through incorporation, we can help to create job opportunities in rural PEI
  • Payroll is also up this week. We are trying to get it out early so that everyone can get their pay by Friday *fingers crossed*
  • The Black Islander's Cooperative pinic is coming up, so we are getting pumped for that.
  • On my part, I am going to be reviewing our tracking sheets collected and I will be posting to let you know, which ones we are missing, etc.

That's it from me, my apologies as the phone schedule is postponed until tomorrow evening.

050618 Monday


These are my plans for this week.

1. Today I spent setting up my computer and getting hooked up with the net work. I also met with the Youth Worker's Coop to set up a plan for their summer employment project which was awesome fun.
2. Type up minutes of Youth Coop meeting, meet again on Wednesday to continue work.
3. Start learning some accounting so I can assist the management of some local coops.
4. Waiting for reply of consultants on the radio project to see if it is a viable project to follow up on.
5. Hopefully get started on some of the other files on my desk which are the immigration file and the local coop history file.
6. Plan out some marketing of local coop's at an upcoming festival.

Kristi: I will be available for our Monday night call, but make sure you call my cell phone at 393-1856. Thanks

Week 8 :: Neal

Hey all,

Here's the plan for the week:
  • Get payroll done up and in the mail ASAP

  • Contact Wendy Pobjoy about her multi-co-op initiative

  • Make contact with several co-ops from across the Island, and set up times we can go visit them

  • Possibly start the tour of Island co-ops (both for our own information, and to offer them the "MYDAS touch")

  • Get the MYDAS books up to date

I know more challenges with stick their heads out, so we'll take them as they come. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Take care!

WEEK 8: Matthew Petre

Hello Everyone,

It's the beginning of another great week! Goals for the week are:
  • Complete brochure for Healthy Minds
  • Progress report on Funeral Co-operative Guide
  • Attend meeting with Stu and John Ure in Halifax today, regarding Halifax and Truro Co-op Forums
  • Check up on Wild Blueberry Harvesters Festival Co-op's progress
  • Reschedule meeting with Bruce Cowie from Community Credit Union, since he has had a pressing matter to attend to tomorrow


Wk 8 Goals:Erin

Good morning,
This week I would like to:
  • Finish draft of co-operator article and send it around for feedback, change and send in
  • Complete packages for enterprise centres and send them out
  • Take VAC bylaws from draft 1 to draft 2; work through changes at meeting Wednesday evening

To do this week or next:

  • Follow up with Carol Ann Hanley about her curriculum
  • Speak with Jonothan Foster about UNB internship program creating partnership with MYDAS
  • Speak with Joyce Humble at Capital Credit Union about their current projects
  • Keep trying to get to talk to Steve Paget in Nackawic
  • Contact Neal's friend about potential film co-op in SJ (perhaps get some info from film co-op here to pass along)

Cheers and have a great week,


Week 8 beginner/Week 7 ender

Okay, so once again, I've neglected to note the progress of last week. Aside from the orientation in PEI, a proposal was completed re. the Halifax Co-op Forum, and meetings were set up for Ric Turner in Cape Breton in early August. Followed up on contacts made at a presentation to the Halifax Coalition Against Poverty last weekend, and attended a board meeting of the Healthy Minds Co-operative. Also prepared details for another presentation on Co-ops for the Halifax Free School.
Goals for this week:
  • Matt and I will meet today with John Ure of the Heartwood Centre and will perhaps get a solid volunteer committee going for the Halifax and Truro Co-op forums
  • Prepare further meetings with Co-op Boards throughout NS and PEI for Ric Turner regarding the Governance tool he is developing
  • Phone as many co-operators in the city to begin soliciting availability in early September for the Halifax Co-op forum
  • Potentially meet with Bruce Cowie, Credit Union Central (?)
  • Review the bylaws of Solidarity Boots
  • Look into details of Land Trusts, and see what is required to obtain one, as requested by an HCAPer

Hasta luego companeros y companeras,



Very belle fin de semaines GUYS huh ??? WOW !

ANd it’S gonna be hot today !!! ouch !

This week’s ‘’attentes’’ for me :

  • Contact Léo LeBlanc and set up a meeting with him

  • Go with Diedre @ Coop Atlantique to visit the building and meet Léo LeBlanc.

  • Contact Claire Gagnon and learn more about her position and herself.

  • Follow up of my Marketing Research, start compiling the data.

  • Get in touch with Raymond Gionet and see how we shall work together.

    Well, I’m gonna stop there or I’ll be putting too many hours this week again. When things start rolling guys it’s great though !

    Bonne semaine tout le monde

    Kristy assoir, tu peux me contacter sur le 955-5607 @ 6h00