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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Wrap up of Week 3: Matthew Petre

Greetings all,

Another week complete and quite a productive one I might add.
  • Brock University, Business Career Development Office and Co-operative Education Departments are both coming on board for recruitment for MYDAS next year, and may potentially have more involvement...
  • Attended the Wild Blueberry Harvesters Co-op AGM in Wentworth and experienced quite an efficient AGM at that
  • As Stu mentioned, we met with some individuals in Halifax interested in the development of a Halifax Co-operative Forum
  • Read up on Funeral Co-ops and received some great advice from the NSCC BDO for Cape Breton
  • Sent out the press release to a large variety of media outlets
  • I am looking forward to having some involvement with the development of a business plan for the NSCC

Looking forward to next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Semaine Numéro 1

Bon me voici, Here I am...like a young rookie skating up for the first time in the hockey season !

My plan's for this week are simple :

- Get my contacts contacted about what I am doing
- meeting my local coops and seek for DEVALVE oope héhé... development Ideas specialy in marketing and youth imlication
- Contacting the Caisse Populaire's for my region and same for APÉCA'S Kent jurisdiction should help me get the greatest view point of what franchises youth are thinking about, and my goal will be to meet these youth and talk to them about coops

Meeting politicans and businesse men will be my first stop in St-Jean, N.B. so I should be able to brag the program and start developing some good contact there with my Acadians buddys over a few cocktail... you know the seen, politician's work
my strengths :-)

- this is certainly my first step, to build up an image for myself,as shall be working the whole summer with ths image... my business cards should be prepardes very shorthly !

Bonne semaine tout le monde,
Have a great week everybody !


Bonjour tous le monde !
Hello everyone !

I am the all new member of this exciting team.

My name is J. Marc Henrie, but most people call me Marc of ''St-Paul 1'' because I love my little village.

I am a university student studying in Administration ( Marketing concentration ) and political sciences ( Sciences Politiques in french ). I have completed my first year.

Joining the St-Paul Fire Dept. when I was only 14 years old, I gained a lot of leadership with this very organization. Being a volunteer firefighter is much more than just volunteering, you are helping society by being learned of to do things that the average human can't do. Your training is all about saving lifes and the community. It is a live adrenaline pumping thrill that cannot be expressed in many words. I started as a Junior Firefighter @ 14 and now joined as of February 19 2004. I have been able to save one life through my experience, and it is because of the training that I had as a firefighter.

That extroardinary experience made me realise that I was a leader, and I could do a lot if I worked hard, and I could do a great job if I got educated. I joined the student council at l'École Clément Cormier as Public Relations in 2003 and also joined la Fédération de Jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick, a French association representing all of the 13 000 french student attending a francophone high school.

Wanting to learn more in politics and administration I suscribed @ Université de Moncton and got electecd président of la FÉdération des Jeunes... This was 3 Bachelor'S degree in once for me, I learned and experience, 1. Administration power, 2.Public Relations and political experience and last but not least 3. philosophie and strategi planning for the futur and management of la ''FJFNB''

I have already started my campaigne for the president of la FÉÉCUM, witch is the Federation of the student at U de M. If I would get elected I woul be the second youngest president in it's history, the youngest record still goes to Bernard Lord.

but despite al these things I am a rural boy form a small town and I can be crazy somtimes. give me a cowboy's hat cause, that's what I'll be when it come's to big TOys for big boys. I hate counrty, but love Rock and Roll, and especially Acadian Music. I am an proud ACADIAN and CANADIAN.

don't hesitate to talk to me, my hotmail adresse is eagle ''B'' 0 ( zero ) 9 ( nine )


glad to be part of this team, and with much experience in Public Relations and Political as well as Administration experience, I am sure I will be an Asset to this team as much as I will continu to learn and expand my knowledge.

Have a great week-end everyone !

Wrap up Wk3 Erin

Hi all,
I had a great evening meeting Marc and welcoming him to the program with Annie and David (at Annie's adorable cottage yesterday). I have a meeting set up to meet with a man in Nackawic in two weeks about a potential worker co-op. I have been doing some research for the Vision Action Collective (cafe project) and finding out about bylaws, the CWCF and policy. I will be meeting with them again this weekend likely. I have also been speaking with Claire at the Coporate Secretariat and she may have another group to meet with that Annie has already touched base with. It's difficult without reliable transportation (i have no vehicle) but I'm sure I'll find a creative way around it. I have a ride to the SJ conference next week and Marc will conveniently be there too. The summer is shaping up well.
Have a great weekend,

Wrap of Week Three: Neal

Greets from the streets (of Charlottetown),

Neal here with an other edition of MYDAS wrap up. This week we have an exciting show for you... Here's what we covered:
  • First and foremost, Kristi and I moved in to our new workspace on Tuesday. After cleaning up and rearranging what needed to be rearranged, we got right to work. It's really great here, aside from the fact that the computers we're using are older than I am. We're working on some stuff to make us more efficient in this department.
  • As mentioned, we had a couple of meetings. One regarding a craft co-op (that I give a tipsy hand to as far as incorporation goes) and one about Godfrey's student co-op (that looks like a thumbs up).
  • There's a few more documents that I got that need to go up on the blog. I'll have to do them at home I think, as ENIAC here doesn't seem to be up to the challenge.
  • As always, I've been doing more and more research into the co-ops we're working on.

Hope all is well across the region. Also, 'hello' to Marc. Type/talk to you all soon!


Wrap up of Week 3: Kristi Kelly

What a busy week!
  • First of all, lots of meetings. Neal and myself met with both a craft and a student potential cooperative this week- both were highly positive.
  • Exciting news! Neal and I are invited to the Lieutenant Governor's House on Monday for lunch to discuss our program and project iniatives! We'll definitely let you know how that goes.
  • We have finished moving into our office and now have brought all of our resources out of the boxes and on to the shelves! Soon you will see a side link listing what we have and you can then make orders for what you need
  • Still on the trail for cooperative information regarding the wind energy site in Souris... I am getting closer! Several MLA's have expressed interest in what we are doing, and hopefully we can get involved!
  • Welcome to Marc, the soon to be newest member of the MYDAS Worker Cooperative Limited - he will be working out of NB and keep your eyes open for his first posting!
  • As you probably noticed from one of my earlier posts, our MYDAS partners and sponsors now have access to our blog. Hopefully they will be stopping by and commenting here and there. Watch for comments!
  • Update on the payroll situation... sadly enough, our program's duration is too short for direct deposit. We are currently investigating into other possible solutions for those of you in extreme situations - but for most of us, cheques will be the way to go.

That's it from me! Take care folks! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to your Monday postings!

Wrap up of Week 3: Stu Neatby

Holy crow, the weather here is just beyond depressing! Dear Gord!!
Week three:

  • Meeting arranged for myself and Matt for Monday morning with John Shamard, head of the Co-op Management Grad Program at SMU.
  • Read up on the Carver and "Beyond Carver" models of governance for NSCC
  • Got in touch with Eric Turner, who will be heading up the governance diagnostic tool. Looks like I will be working with him. A trip up to Cheticamp is in the works for early July.
  • Presentation scheduled for the Halifax Coalition Against Poverty
  • Met with the Black Star/Solidarity Boots folks. They are on there way to incorporating, and may be able to do this before the end of the month.
  • Along with Matt, attended a sort of brainstorming meeting for a Halifax Co-operative Forum. Although the meeting was small, it looks like setting up some sort of regular open space meeting of co-operators in this city is definitely something that can be done and sustained beyond September.
  • Tables booked for Marilyn Waring's talk, and a showing of "The Take" (a protest doc about worker co-ops and bad capitalists in Argentina) next week.
  • CKDU radio interview
  • Have FINALLY made arrangements for an office space with the local Oxfam office. Hooray hooray hooray!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Co-operatively yours,


Wrap up of Week 3: Dan Meades

Hello All,
This was another productive week here on the west coast of Newfoundland:
  • We had a great meeting with Ed Penny of the Indian Head co-op and we have started working on compiling a 5 year strategic plan around goals that his board set.
  • We will also be taking part in the Indian Head Co-op AGM on Tuesday June 20th.
  • Contacted the NLFC regarding travel claims and future potential projects.
  • Contacted Bernice Hancock regarding the formation of a daycare co-op
  • Contacted Sam Organ, and EDO regarding the Wetlands Agricultural co-op
  • Completed the first issue of the Ramea Community Co-op Newsletter, we are awaiting some info from their manager there before we have it printed and distributed.

Have a good weekend all,


Wrap up of Week 3: Stephanie Hobbs

Good morning everyone,
I hope the week went well for everyone. Dan and me had a productive week, lets see .....

  • We completed the first issue Ramea newsletter, we are still waiting for a few things from the board in Ramea before we send it out.
  • Had a great meeting with Ed Penney, a member of the Indian Head Co-op about the strategic planning. He would like if we could make it into a five year plan for the co-op.
  • Made arrangements to attend the Indian Head Co-op meeting on the 21st.
  • Contacted Bernice Hancock, co-ordinator of the Community Youth Network, about a day care co-op.
  • Contacted Sam Organ, about the Wet Lands Agriculture co-op in Codroy.

I may be forgetting something, if so I will post again. Have a great day

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome Sponsors and Partners!

A warm welcome on behalf of the entire MYDAS Worker Co-operative Limited! Please feel free to look around and to check out the wonderful projects that our interns are working on, all over our region.

Coming Soon!

Soon on our blog we will have tracking sheets posted for your record keeping purposes. This sheets can be printed and taken to any meeting/event attended so we can keep an accurate count of individuals "given the MYDAS touch". It was suggested that they be faxed into David's office weekly to be kept as a record and to maintain a running total. This should be come effective as of next week.

Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Question: Stephanie Hobbs

Hey guys, I just have a general question, we are writing a Ramea Newsletter about the Co-operative and we are wondering if it would be "ok" to publish a list of shareholders for the public?

We thought if the town could see the people interested that they would think the co-op a better idea, you know the ol everyone's doing it saying.

Monday, June 13, 2005

List of Co-operatives in Nova Scotia


Thought this list of all the registered co-ops in Nova Scotia might be of use to everyone depending on the type of co-op they are working with or working to develop. What a great way to utilize the principle of co-operation among co-operatives by linking upstarts with experienced co-ops, or relaying advice and best practices between them.


WEEK 3: Annie Colwell

Hello all!

Thank you all for your sincere and kind words! You guys rock and I'm going to miss you tons!
I just want to clarify two things before I post my objectives:
  • Cottage is still available for summer end rap up session-- (except I will be the host serving breakfast!)- I will be posting to keep you all reminded!
  • I still want to be involved as a volunteer. Although my other position will take up most of my time during the week-days, I would still like to be an active advocate of Co-ops and help you with your initiatives if you need an extra helping hand! You all have my e-mail, so please feel free to use it whenever you want!


  • Contact local Farmers Market co-operative (on the penninsula) and see about setting up an info booth ( with pamphlets :-) ) during the Saturday morning market ( I also want to look into this opportunity at the Farmers Market in Freddy Town)
  • PR - send out press releases to local papers and distribute as many pamphlets as I can
  • Meeting again with Roy to discuss what other services I ( or the new intern) may offer or provide.
  • Possibly design a poster (similar to the pamphlet) and put them up at the university. ( spoke with Lois Clowater (UNB HR dept) and she was very supportive of this idea)
  • Continue to network and try and attend any meetings that may be beneficial to the MYDAS initiative
  • Possibly go through an orientation with a new intern.

Guys...thanks again! I will be monitoring the Blog from my new position...again I want to remind you if you need any volunteer help....I'm your gal! Take care all!

Annie C - aka - "peanut butter monster"


WEEK 3: Stephanie Hobbs

Annie you will be missed, I am glad I got a chance to meet you. I wish you the best of luck with your new job.

This week will consist of a great deal of office stuff.

  • First thing is first; tell Dan how to get the bullets!
  • Do some needed planning on how to help Ramea community Co-op sell 80 shares
  • Make a newsletter for the towns folk of Ramea about the co-op and informing them about the town meeting.
  • Meet with the Indian Head co-op to go over the strategic plan for the upcoming future about how to increase sales.
  • Contact Gerry in Anchor Point about the shrimp co-op, to see if he can put out skills to work. (This co-op is not yet incorporated)
  • Contact the NLFC about living in Ramea

Hope you all have a great week!

WEEK 3: Kristi Kelly

Well, well, well... another week - boy they are flying by!

Annie, we will miss you! Thank you for your hard work to date and your positive attitude! Best of luck and please keep checking the blog and touching base with us!

As for business this week... it should be a good one! We got many meetings on the go, as mentioned by Neal, a craft coop, potential student association type coop, an organic food service cooperative and an Africian Hertiage project. There is no shortage of work. I have been playing phone tag with the provincal government, but my personal goal this week is to get in touch with my MLA to find out more about the whole "wind mill/wind energy" cooperative project that is in the works (and to see if there is a way to get us involved some how). Neal and I will continue to post stuff on the blog in regards to resource materials and documentation. Keep your fingers crossed that hopefully we will be moving into our new office with the Eco-net! Hurray!

Take care everyone, the phone schedule remains the same and I look forward to touching base!

WEEK 3: Matthew Petre

Greetings All,

Annie, sorry to hear you are leaving us, good luck in your new endeavour with the University.

Goals for the week are as follows:
  • Familiarize myself with funeral co-ops information material provided by NSCC and begin supplementary research
  • Meet with Funeral Co-op in NB with Fred Pierce
  • Find out exactly where my research credit request is going, as I have still been left in the dark
  • Make contact with key individuals at Brock Faculty of Business and Co-operative Education departments to start building a partnership between MYDAS and Brock University
  • Have business cards and revised handouts produced for promotion of the MYDAS program
  • Follow up with some key media outlets in the region regarding media release
  • Formalize a presentation date and location for this month regarding opportunities within the co-op sector, possibly in conjunction with Stu
  • Hopefully get set up in my new office at the NSCC


WEEK 3: Dan Meades

Annie you will be missed, I wish you all the best in whatever you do. The co-op movement is based around the involvement of volunteers so I would urge you to stay active.
My plan for week three is...
1. Figure out how Matt uses those sexy bullets on his section of the blog
2. Complete the first steps of the strategic plan to get the Ramea Community Co-op over the $20 000.00 share capital mark.
3. Meet with and discuss how to boost sales for Indian Head Co-op
4. Meet with Sam Organ, he is and EDO on the west coast that has voiced a desire to speak with us.
5. Contact “the Gerry” he is the manager of a fisheries co-op on the northern peninsula that could make use of our skills.
6. Contact the NLFC and further impress upon the importance of reimbursement of the Ramea travel claims.

I am sure there are more then this but I seem unable to think of them. I am sure we are all in the same boat that there seems to be more and more things popping up each day.

I hope you are all having as much fun this summer as I am, this job really lets you sink your teeth in.


New week

Hello all. Dealing with lots of logistical issues today from business numbers and finances to recruitment and travel schedules. I'll be in the office most of the day if you want to call (1-800-611-6628).

WEEK 3: Neal Gillis

Hey all,

Here be the plans for the week:
  • Meet today with Donna about setting up a craft co-op

  • Design a PowerPoint Presentation for the Masters of Arts in Island Studies students

  • Meet with the MAIS students about starting their co-op

  • Hopefully start setting up our new fancy dancy office

  • More research in to things we've already started

  • Go through the co-op material David brought back and get it all posted on the blog

This is what I've got so far. Surely enough, more tasks will present themselves.

I will miss you also, Annie. All the best with your new position. Keep in touch!

Type/talk to you all soon,


WEEK 3: Stu Neatby

G'Morning all,

Annie, I'd just like to say it's been a pleasure working with you. Good luck with the new position. Guess this means we won't be occupying your cottage this September. Shucks

Goals for this week:
- Canvas community organizations in Halifax, particularly in the North End
- Finally arrange a meeting with Faculty of the Co-op Management Studies Department at Saint Mary's University
- Become familiar with the reading material regarding co-op governance assigned by NSCC
- Follow up with the Black Star Boot kids, hopefully have some answers for them by mid-week
- See about getting a booth for MYDAS at two upcoming talks in Halifax (Marilyn Waring, Ray Anderson), which are in preparation for the hugely expensive "Alternative Economics" Conference in Antigonish this month.

Have a good week, everyone,

WEEK 3: Erin Hancock

Good morning,
I wish Annie well with her choice because I know it was very difficult to make it. We will miss you.

I was fortunate enough to meet with the cafe project last night and it was so awesome!!! I can't wait to get some info for them. We talked about a lot of things around incorporation, bank loan (credit union), not-for-profit status and funding that I'll need to reseach and talk to other co-operators about. We may meet again this week but will be corresponding through email frequently anyway.

I want to follow up with a few people I met from the Investing in Youth training session last week. Some wanted to do things with youth and others would like to talk about their co-op options. Carol-Ann Hanley who does smal enterprise training would like an information packet on co-ops. I'd like to start putting that together.I'm waiting to here back from a few people who may want my help. However, I think I could spend every minute working with the cafe project and fill my week quite well. So here goes!


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wrap up of Week 2: Stu Neatby

Well. This is Sunday instead of Friday. Whoops.

This was a busy week, although the next one promises to be quite a bit busier.
As Matt mentioned, we had a meeting this week with Jack of the Seniorpreneurs Project. Although he was very interested in the idea of forming a co-op, it looks like there is little incentive for him to, as there is no longer any problem with his project being non-profit. Myself, Matt, and Fred also met with a few board members of the Healthy Minds Co-operative, which is composed of folks living with mental disabilities who are in need of various holistic support services. Matt has them outlined nicely below. As of now, I will be acting as an interim Youth Rep on their Board, as one of their mandates is to include youth within their decision-making.

As mentioned on Friday, I also found out about a group of activists who have established sort of a marketing operation (they'd likely call it a "solidarity economy") for boots produced in a co-operative factory in the Zapatista Autonomous Zone of Oventic in Chiapas, Mexico. It looks like they're not quite incorporated. This is so up my alley, it's not even funny. Here's the website:
In addition, I met with a fellow named John Courtneidge, who has a lot of contacts among co-ops in Halifax. He made a number of suggestions (including possible locations of office space), but the one I think might be useful and lasting is the idea of setting up a weekly "round-table" of co-ops in this city. No facilitator, no agenda, a sort of meeting, but really for the purpose of having cooperators come face to face.
Right, and the Press Release was sent out. One phone-back so far from the Cape Breton Post.
Until tomorrow morning,