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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, September 02, 2005

thank you all

Hello Friends,

And so we have come to the end of your little journey together, It has been a great summer together and I have truly learned a lot.

I look forward to seeing you all again, good luck in whatever you undertake in the fall.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labour Day soon

Hello all,

The warm moist air of the hurricane's tail end are barely bothering us here on PEI...nothing like the 178 mm of rainfall that Radio Canada reports in Québec...and nothing like the devastation in the USA. Even so, the grey skies and showers reflect some of my innate sadness at the prospect of not having the MYDAS team to kick around after Friday. However, the temperature here mirrors the heart-felt warmth that lingers from the opportunity to work with you over the course of the summer. I have learned a lot. Thank you.

Because of her late start, I'll still have Katie on the payroll up in Wellington, PEI, and there is a possibility of extending the rest of "l'Équipe Acadienne" (Marc) in NB, as well. It will be good for me to practise my French, mais c'est chanceux que Windows XP indique le pupart de mes erreurs de grammaire et d'épelation automatiquement.

By the way, I noticed in recent posts that Diedre was being cited as the government programs guru, whereas Katie is the current title holder. So, if you have clients seeking funding info, Katie is a good resource. Bear in mind that her "Eastlink" e-address is now defunct and she is back to using the dal.ca e-address (I won't post contact info on this site, but feel free to contact me if you need up-to-date information for any of the team).

MYDAS interns are mostly heading off/back to other duties, from university studies to overseas placements. For myself, the MYDAS program continues in a "down-sized" form. There are financial and narrative reports to be submitted to our sponsors and I'm still engaged in ongoing work on co-op CED projects in both PEI and NB. Clients will continue to receive Technical and Advisory Services under the MYDAS banner and I am already beginning to miss the reservoir of talent that has been available to me as a matter of course over the summer months.

A number of you have undertaken to continue with co-op CED work on a voluntary basis. If you find the time to do so, it will certainly be appreciated. Also, if we can raise the funds to engage your services further throughout the school year, I shall be in communication. Speaking of communication, you are all encouraged to participate in a teleconference on:

Sunday 18 September at 1 p.m. Atlantic Time

at which time we can see if there are issues that need to be "debriefed". You will receive an e-mail with the invitation and the dial-in details closer to the date.

I am available anytime via the usual contact methods. Please feel free to call, e-mail, visit etc.
I hope to be able to work with you again in the future and I am confident that your accomplishments will reflect well on the MYDAS program and on the co-op sector in general.

Well done!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The End: Neal

Well folks, I'm going to post my Friday blog entry today, as I'm taking my vacation days tomorrow and Friday, making today my last MYDAS day of the summer. Needless to say, it has been a great experience working with such a great program, and such a great team. Thanks to all of you who have made this summer what it was.
This week, I:
  • am meeting with Wendy tonight to incorporate the LEAP Co-operative

  • contacted the Co-op secretariat about changing some addresses for David

  • answered some questions for Wendy Pobjoy about incorporating her project

  • made a MYDAS flyer

  • will be cleaning up my office today

There we have it. Hope to talk to you all soon. Best of luck to all of you with school, internships, working, etc.

All the best and God bless.

-Neal Gillis

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Final Week

Well folks, it's been a gas. Wish you all the best, hope we get a chance for some kind of debrief for whoever will still be around in the fall.
Here's the agenda for week number 14:
  • Continue working on and complete the governance diagnostic tool
  • Move the date of the World Cafe ahead, to an evening event to allow more high school youth to attend
  • firm up keynote speakers for the event; spread the word like mad
  • Get mail-outs printed
  • Move out of my office
  • Send an overdue package to the ACOA office in Halifax

Hope you all had as much fun as I did.



Monday, August 29, 2005

WEEK 14: Kristi Kelly

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great last week of work! As you probably have noticed there were no phone calls this week, but rest assured they will be made Wednesday
  • My main concern this week has been working on the AGR it was quite a big document and hopefully it encompasses how amazing the program was this year! Thank You to everyone for submitting their stuff!
  • Looks like the LEAP incorporation is set to go for Wednesday evening, so that is exciting news
  • Then it is all about wraping everything else up and getting ready for class!

Take care everyone, and i look forward to speaking with you on Wednesday.


Dernière semaine :o(

This is the end my friend…the only end I know….

This week’s goals :

  • Meeting with Guylaine Noel, coordinatrice pour l’Association des étudiants du CCNB de Dieppe. Discuss how coop could be integrated on the homecoming weeks.

  • Meeting with Norma and Murielle, project of la cooperative de Dieppe

  • Contact le Carrefour d’immigration rurale for a follow up

  • Contact Melvin to see the plans they have for this fall and tell him how are things going at the coop in Dieppe

Well that’s it… Université après sa…


Have a great week !


last week

Hello all

Wow the summer has just gone by so quickly i still feel as if its July. However on the more important things, this week is looking to be busy one for me agian in good ole Freddy, with finishing up letters and gettting them around, finishing projects and tying up any loose ends i plan to be in extreme work mode for the next couple of days. Also there is still work to finish and be done with ACYL and the Nackawic group so ill be busy as im sure the rest of everyone is as well. So i wish all good luck this week and i hope everyone has a good one.


final week Blog

Hello all,

And so it is, our last week as MYDAS interns. This week will be spent cluing up projects, this process started with a great meeting with the Indian Head Co-op this morning, MYDAS can expect a letter of appreciation from them in the upcoming weeks. Communication has been a little sketchy with me this week as I am in the process of traveling around and in fact will be heading back to my home in St. John’s tomorrow where I will spend a week before I depart for Africa to continue my co-op journey.
In short I do not know what this week will hold, I will answer emails periodically when I have internet access and deal with MYDAS things as they arise.

Perpetually in transit,

The very last week: Stephanie Hobbs

First thing is first, last Friday is missing my blog entry, and I am sure most people noticed. My computer decided to get a virus and shut down windows. I was close to a break down, we all know that feeling. Luckily with a small fee of $70, I got all my documents, pictures and everything else back safe and sound. Just to add my computer is no longer sick, it's up and working just fine.

Friday's Blog:

The week was busy getting ready for the Wetlands Co-op meeting. We meet on Thursday in Codroy and helped them with a few marketing details and other things. Thanks Roger Greaves from the Charlottetown Farmer’s market for his help this week.

The Wetlands Farmer’s Market is out of funding as of the end of this year, they need some more cash. If anyone has suggestions on how they can garner some more funding please let me know via email. This request goes especially to Deidre as I understand she is great at that.

Monday's Blog:

Wow the final week! This week is going to be spent cluing up all our projects and lose ends. We had a great meeting with Indian head and I will be presenting the strategic plan and the newsletters to them on the 31 or august, their fist board meeting as a new board.

I will also be working on the presentation for NLFC and I will be sending a copy of that to David.

Final Week: Neal

Summer has once again come and gone before I even knew it started. Classes start in a week and a half, so this shall be my final week of MYDASing. Also, seeing as though I haven't taken my vacation days, I'll finish up on Wednesday.

The next couple of days will include:
- getting ready for the incorporation meeting with Wendy Pobjoy for the LEAP Project.
- helping Kristi with the graphics sections in the AGR.
- making a MYDAS flyer.
- Contacting the Co-op Secretariat for some of David's mail issues.
- Cleaning up.

Oh yeah.

WEEK 14: Matthew Petre

Its the last week, wow this internship really flew by. For the next few days before I start the big trek home I will be:
  • Completing correspondance with ACOA Truro
  • Working on the World Cafe
  • Talking with Monica DiOchon, St. F X about her possible research into co-operative management structures
  • Monitoring Fred's progress with the new weblog I created for his use communicating with NSCC members in his region

I would like to thank you all, it really was a great experience working with such a strong virtual team across the region. I wish everyone best of luck in your future endeavors!


Plans for next week

1. This week will be dedicated to the Festival Acadien. The CDC will have a booth there to do some promotion of local cooperatives, as well as a powerpoint presentation that people can stop and watch for more information. This week I will be finishing up the presenation, as well as gathering materials for the information booth.

2. Our youth worker coop will also be working at the Festival. They will be setting up a popcorn stand and selling water and cotton candy as well. They will also be carrying signs for the CDC in the parade on Sunday, weather permitting. So I will be helping them plan out all those things and hopefully I'll learn how to make cotton candy!


End of Week wrap up

Hi all,

1. Most of this week was spent in preparation for the Fun Day at Mill River on Saturday. The kids from our worker coop spent the day teaching other kids about cooperatives.

I designed a little game in which the kids were divided into groups and each group had to develop an idea for a new cooperative for the area, that would help or involve local youth. Each group was led by a member of the worker coop, and Edgar and I circulated the room to help out. Then the groups presented their idea to the group, and every one voted as to whether the coop should be incorporated. It was quite fun and we had lots of laughs.

Their ideas were as follows:

1. Youth drop in center in Abrams- Village were kids could play games and watch movies.
2. Cooperative Drive-In for the Evangeline region featuring french films as well as new releases.
3. Locksmithing workers cooperative that would come to your door at any hour if you locked yourself out of your car or house.
4. A home for homeless kids in Mischouche that would cater to kids in need both in Summerside and in West Prince, and be bilingual as well.

Some of the kids really needed this session, as when they started few could even name a cooperative in Evangeline. I think they're pretty well informed now as to the things one has to think about before starting a cooperative.

And then they all went swimming and had pizza and ice cream and it was a good day. The turnout was a little low, but it was mostly due to other events going on in the region on that day.

2. I have also begun my powerpoint presentation on the local coops for the Festival Acadien. I am just waiting for a few more pictures to finish it off.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wrap up of Week 13: Matthew Petre

My appologies for the late post, lots of things to wrap up before I head back to Ontario. This week I was able to:
  • Complete the new weblog for Fred Pierce of the NSCC which will enable Fred a new mode of communication to keep all of his region (Central Nova Scotia) in the loop of NSCC and Co-operative development news in general
  • Contacted ACOA Truro Office and I am assembling some information to send to them on the MYDAS Program and what we have been up to in Central NS
  • Get my laptop fixed, only my files were saved though, no programs unfortunately
  • Worked on the World Cafe with Stu

I look forward to wrapping up everything I am working on over the next few days before I make the big trek back home to Southern Ontario.