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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hello everyone

It was nice to hear everyone this morning at the teleconference, it was interesting to get verbal updates on whats going on for everyone. This week for me was quite busy, i spent most of it in Fredericton, meetin with erin on Acyl incorporation issues and discussing hopefully new initiatives that will be developing in the near future. I have been working on the bylaws and with erins help the first draft shall be done in the very near future, so that Carole will have things to send away to the people in charge of funding Acyl, this weekend i plan on catching up on some work as well since i got a little behind in Fredericton because i didn't have a computer at my disposal, so ill be getting the coop atlantic list out soon, as well as working on some letters to my mp's, and doing up a draft for the Mydas essay due soon. So that sums up my week and weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and gets to enjoy the sun
Talk to you all later

finito semaine Numéro 7 : Marc

Oh my god, we are growing old !!! I’m approaching the semaine numéro 10 !!!

I can’t believe I will be a strategic advisor in the incorporation of the biggest coop grocery store in Atlantic Canada. It’s getting exiting!!!

Here are a my accomplishments for this week

  • I am near done my reschearch for the rural vs urbain demographic changes in the Atlantic provinces. I’Ts a big whopper of a document let me tell you. But it is interesting as you learn the statistics being the economic realities of our Atlantic provinces.

  • Reunions were not that heavy, but I managed to have a chat with Vincent Poirier, one of my buddys working for the APÉCA. I have already met M. Raymond Gallant the chief for New-Brunswick’s APÉCA division. I shall try to have a meet with him in a different position. ( Not as le Président de la Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick )

  • Have gotten the contacts for M. Donald Daigle, president of la cooperative horticole de la récolte chez nous Inc. I will try to schedule a meet whit him next week.

  • Met a lot of people from the city of Dieppe and educated them of my services. I will probably have another meeting with a ‘’gestionnaire’’ next week.

  • I also contacted my local ‘’députés’’ provincial. I shall try to contact my federal MP, Dominic LeBlanc and Mme Claudette Bradshaw next week.

  • I joined the Coopérative de Dieppe, comité de recrutement. I will mostly be focusing on initiatives that will help the Dieppe coop reach their desired 1200 members for incorporation.

  • Had a meeting with you guys today and am finnaly relaxing.

I will have a lot more meetings next week, but will try not to work to hard.

Tonight is Acadian night with CAYOUCHE, so I wish you all a good fin de semaine et puis :

---->> CHING CHING Calisse :)

Lol take care guys


Wrap up of Week 10: Matthew Petre

Great to hear from all of you on the conference call today. I am definitely impressed to hear of all of the progress made around the region.

It has been a great week and:
  • Worked on the World Cafe proposal with Stu, as well as the media release
  • Completed a perspective and recommendation summary report for Bruce Cowie on the Community Credit Union (CCU's) Youth Strategy
  • Located local Truro MP's contact info and will be contacting him with a package as soon as the new business cards and brochures are completed
  • Received positive feedback from the interm co-ordinator/founder of Healthy Minds Co-op on the brochure I recently completed designing for them
  • Coming down the home stretch with the Co-op Funeral Guide

Have a great weekend everyone,

Wrap up of Week 10: Kristi Kelly

Hello folks! It was great talking to you all this morning!!
  • This week Neal and I worked together to input our information into a brochure and website. Things are looking good, and we cannot wait to be able to show everyone.
  • We had several productive meetings with the LEAP Cooperative project and it looks like an incorporation is in the near future!! Hurray! It is a great project and it is going to do great things!
  • We stopped in and checked out the Cardigan Craft Cooperative which was a neat experience all on its own
  • Working away on the Annual General Report, the outline is finished, and once approved, then I can send it out for everyone to take a look at

That's it from me folks! Have a great weekend and talk to you Monday!

Week 10 wrap-up: Neal


It was great to talk to/hear from everyone during the conference call today. Glad to hear everyone is getting along well... David: the internet in your office is out again. I'm working now from Timothy's downstairs (great egg salad for all those who are interested).

This week involved:
  • Working on the MYDAS Summer essay, as I have to get it done before I go away

  • I did up and mailed out the payroll

  • Met with Wendy on the LEAP project twice (this took up all of Thursday). In this meeting we had to actually had to encourage her not to incorporate... well that's not completely true. We encouraged her to incorporate one master co-op rather than a dozen different co-ops in attempt to make things less expensive and more efficient

  • Got all of my stuff cleaned up so that Kristi can run the boat by herself

  • The conference call this morning

Hope you all have a great weekend... keep it real.


Erin: Penultimate Week Wrap up

Hi everyone,
This has been a busy week. As most of you know, I'm starting a new job soon and I'm working hard to wrap everything up for the program.
This week Diedre and I met to discuss ACYL incorporation and we even met with Claire Gagnon to ask her some questions about it and about other projects. I've been in contact with the VAC and we've been changing and discussing the feedback from Claire, plan to sign the papers Sunday night and resubmit next week! We viewed the video and will discuss with Claire soon.Today I'll be finishing up some things for VAC, starting the MYDAS essay, send letter and package to ACOA and wrap up other items.
Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

SEMAINE 7 et une coop en vue ;)

Semaine No 7 pour Moi !!!

Excuse me for the late blog, I took Monday off ? I don’t know if we were suppose to ?

Sa fait j’va continué a aidé sa qui est déjà créé !

Continué ma recherche sur le coté Rurale vs Urbain. Recherche mené pour l’APÉCA par un ancien prof de l’U de M

Continué a prendre des réunions, cette semaine :

La ville de Dieppe et la nouvelle Coop de Dieppe.

Continuation d’aide avec ma coop local, sé fou comment sa va ben guys !

La, sa fera pour cette semaine de travail !

Bonne semaine tout le monde


week 10

Hey everyone,
for all those nbers who had a holiday yesterday hope you enjoyed it, this week im in Fredericton for a couple of days to met with Erin about the Acyl incorporation, which is going turtle speed, because this whole regionaly/federally incorporation papers have me going in circles, but hopefully like the story goes the turtle will get to the end slow and steady without any mistakes. Anyway this weekend i was able to met with Carole and go and help at one of the programs she puts on for youth, which gave me a further insight to how the program is run and now i can proceed more with the incorporation of it. Last week Leo Leblanc of Coop Atlantic was nice enough to give me a listing of mostly all coops under Coop Atlantic and there contact info, so im going to type them up and if anyone would like a copy just message me, and ill send them your way. This week is basically more contacting people and waiting for them to come back from vacation so ill have some meeting set up in the near future, for the moment my focus is on the Acyl program and giving Carole has much help as i can.

Well thats it for me for now
hope everyone has a good week

Monday, August 01, 2005

Week 10

Natal greetings,
Goals for the coming week:
  • Complete all necessary for board governance for the new assignment from NSCC. Write up a short summary of the principles of good governance for boards
  • Confirm a location for the World Cafe; begin soliciting restaurants and others for food; do up a short media advisory; complete a package of materials on the event to deliver to co-ops; do up a full list of key participants to focus upon for this event, and begin to set up meetings.
  • Continue work on Healthy Minds by-laws, continue working on a brief backgrounder to governance principles.
  • Contact the ACOA office and see about possible meeting times for the event
  • Meet with Dave Ron of Maritime Biodiesel Co-op to collaborate on a presentation for Tatamagouche Free School
  • Review the by-laws of Solidarity Boots



Week TEN: Neal

Hey everyone,

Week 10 post here. Time flies when you're having fun!

This week's tasks will include:
  • Meeting with Wendy Pobjoy on Thursday afternoon/evening about her LEAP projects

  • Get the payroll done up and out

  • Get the finishing touches on everyones business cards and see about getting them to the printers.

  • See about meeting with MPs regarding the MYDAS program

  • Get to work on the "My MYDAS Summer" essay.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Talk to you all soon.


WEEK 10: Matthew Petre

Time is definitely flying by,

Last week Stu and I were able to make some tremendous progress with the Forum/World Cafe concept. This truly looks like it will be a promising event if we get a decent turn out. This week I will be:
  • Work on World Cafe initiative
  • Review Credit Union Youth Strategy Material
  • Contact Truro MP regarding MYDAS
  • Work on Funeral Co-op Guide


WEEK 10: Kristi Kelly

Week 10 already?! Wow...

For this week:
  • Meetings with Wendy! Neal and I will be spending some time in Montague meeting with individuals in regards to the LEAP project and the development of a cooperative(s)
  • We are also looking into taking some time to meeting with our Island MP's to let them know about some of the cool projects we have been working on over the past few months
  • Progress continues with the importing/exporting cooperative, work still needs to be done with the bylaws!
  • Payroll goes out this week! Hurrah!! Look forward to those pay cheques folks!

That's it from me! Have a great week folks... just a reminder: The phone schedule stays the same as last weeks - during the day! I look forward to talking with you all!

Teleconference Call: Friday, August 5th, 2005

Reminder of the Friday teleconference call this Friday, August 5th, 2005 at 11:30am. An agenda will be emailed out a little later in the week.

Wk 10:Erin

Hi there,
So is it a holiday for everyone? I have the urge to work anyway, so I'm just going to go ahead...and don't try to stop me (well, you could). Anyway, I feel eager about the projects, so I want to get going with them this week.
The plan:
  • meet up with Diedre to get moving with ACYL incorporation
  • deal with feedback from Claire on VAC bylaws and resubmitt
  • view a video from Claire (as per her request) and if appropriate, try to get it on cable for co-op week
  • Look for funding for film co-op
  • continue research for Steve and group in Nackawic
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that last week I wrote and letter and sent a little package for our MP here and I hope to get in touch with the ACOA person here this week
  • Follow-ups



"My MYDAS Experience..." Essay

Hi folks! As David mentioned, August is now here, and this marks the last month of our internships. One side project, that needs to be completed (and will included in the MYDAS Worker Cooperative Annual Report) is a "My MYDAS Experience Essay" - the outline is as follows:
  • How the program allowed you to develop personally
  • How the program made significiant changes in the communities you worked in
  • How the program was a success (in your eyes)

1 to 2 pages should be fine (and feel free to write in either french or english) - this is due in 2 weeks time (Monday, August 14th, 2005)

If you have any questions or concerns... please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

pre-departure for NL

OK, it’s Sunday night and I am scheduled to leave at the crack o’ dawn on Monday in order to get to Cape Breton for the ferry to Newfoundland. Last week onPEI saw good progress on a couple of sports team co-ops as well as with the strata-title housing co-op that Diedre has been helping me with. The submission of the Quarterly Report lifted a weight off my mind, but the deadline for ACOA Letters of Intent is looming at the end of August. Tomorrow is the first day of August, which means that most of you are entering the final month of this phase of the MYDAS internship program. I hope that you are able to work towards completion of the goals that we set at the initial orientation. I shall be aiming to visit all of the worksites over the next couple of weeks so I look forward to seeing you all. We’ll talk about a possible group debriefing on Friday’s call. Have a good and productive week!