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Mobilizing Youth for the Delivery of Advisory Services (MYDAS)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Wrap up of Week 1: Matthew Petre

Greetings all,

Well what an exciting week this was. I had the chance to learn a great deal about co-ops in Nova Scotia spending a great deal of the week with Fred Pierce, an expert in co-op development. Actually, not 2 hours after starting on Monday, Fred took me along to meet with Paddy Moran, who is an expert in disolution of co-ops. The NSCC contracts such work out to seasoned experts in the field. I took part in staff meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then attended the NSCC AGM. As Stu previously mentioned, we have 2 very interesting projects which we will be working on and as well, I met Bruce Cowie, a manager from Credit Union Central at the AGM, and I will be in contact with him regarding a connection between MYDAS and the Credit Union's Youth initiative. Thursday I attempted to absorb the whole co-op act in one sitting, not an easy task. As well as worked through the required paperwork involved with the province surrounding co-ops and societies. I have been working on a draft for the press release and see one in my inbox from Stu so I will compile and send a revised draft back to him, and you should all see a copy early next week. As far as the presentation for schools goes, that is also currently in the works. Planning will take place this coming week as both I and Stu have been working through the goals of the MYDAS program with NSCC.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wrap up of Week 1: Stu Neatby

Well, so I dunno about anyone else, but my main goal for week one was to get to a point where I feel that my feet were squarely underneath me. I think I've gotten about 70% of the way there.
Here's a few bits and pieces of what I've been up to:
- Attended the AGM of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, and made a ton of contacts there. Also was given a fair bit of headway through the staff of NSCC, particularly Fred Pierce.
- Matt, Fred, and myself will be meeting a fellow in Halifax on Wednesday who is looking to start a co-op to help Seniors develop their entrepreneurial ideas, as well as gain employment placements that meet their needs.
- Both Matt and I were put onto a fellow who has just started a co-op designed for low-income people living with disabilities. The aim is to help provide a number of things, from advocacy to economic opportunity.
- Confirmed a presentation with Halifax Free School: July 21st
- Phoned most high schools in Halifax area. Still a few prospects for a presentation next week, but most schools have only one week of classes left
- Did up a ton of business cards. I am now cooler than most people I know.
- Looks like I will be dividing my time between Truro and Halifax. As it turns out, the Inspector of Co-ops in Nova Scotia lives three doors away from me (ah, the randomness of North End Halifax), and he goes up to Truro twice a week. This is good, as I was starting to feel a bit strange that I had no office space (I may yet look into finding a space for free (cheap?) at the Bloomfield Community Centre).
- Press Release Drafted
- Made contact with Tom Webb, co-ordinator of the Masters in Co-op studies Program at SMU. He will likely be a key contact if MYDAS is to sustain itself.
- On page 18 of the Nova Scotia Cooperatives Act (http://www.gov.ns.ca/legislature/legc/statutes/coopassc.htm)

So there it is. I've also had to run around and replace my rapidly dying computer, which I'm still working out. Some reading is still required to really feel like an "advisor." Also, I am thinking that as soon as there is an information leaflet about MYDAS, I can easily do a canvas of community and grassroots agencies and offices in the North End of Halifax. Seems the most direct way of getting the MYDAS name out there.
Will be in Memramcook on Tuesday aft. for an unrelated matter. Any of you NB kids have anything interesting I should check in on while I'm in that neck of the woods?

Hope you're all well.

Wrap up of Week 1: Kristi Kelly

Wow, what a week! Besides the fact that I am currently recovering from the loss of my wisdom teeth, the week has been productive. I have had the opportunity to touch base with all of you, and everyone seems to be on a great start!! Hurray!! On the home front, Neal and myself were quite comfortable setting up shop in David's office for the week. As Neal mentioned in his post, we have been looking for some permanent office space for the summer, and Eco-Net might just be a solution. Keep your fingers crossed! This week was a lot of networking and phone calls. We attempted to get into the high schools, but a no go. Our dreams are not shattered as of yet. We received a few phone calls (one in regards to the Black Islander's coop - thanks Stu! - and phone from a local non-profit - we couldn't understand the message, so more details later). We have 4 or five meetings set up for next week and we were invited to a coop picnic! It cannot get much better than that!

One thing we invested in this week was a wall calendar that allowed us to plot our plans out for the summer. It allowed us to allocate an appropriate amount of time to each goal, etc. Next week we will be working on our presentation and hopefully making some more contacts. Something cool that came up on the news recently was the annoucement of a new wind turbine system being set up in the east by the provincial government - and- it was in the news that it was a "cooperative". So, we are on the case!!! We attempted to get in contact with my local MLA but no luck as of yet. This would be a great project to get involved in, so wish us luck!!

Glad to hear that everyone is having a productive week, have a wonderful long weekend I look forward to your Monday postings!

Wrap up of Week 1: Annie Colwell

Hello All,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week. I will give you a lil progress report and
a bit what I have planned for next week:

- I have gone through alot of reading material and now I'm in the process of creating a presentation.
- I have contacted many co-op managers in the city (almost all of the credit union managers and co-op atlantic managers). I was given a name of a Paul Henderson in Moncton (PR and Membership relations) to contact. Hopefully he will have some info about what is going on in this area of the province!
- I spoke with Claire Gagnon who gave me a lead on a rural Co-operative. I have spoken with Roy Mackin (former CU manager) and I am going to be in touch with him on Monday to set a meeting time (likely for Tuesday). Claire also sent me a copy of the NB Co-operative Act, so now I have a paper copy as a resource.
- I have spoken with UNBSJ and have left a message with one of the professors, Dan Doiron, about presenting in front of his "strategic business" class. I am also looking at contacting the UNBSJ student union and seeing what opportunity exits there.
- Today I plan to get in touch with NBCC ( community college). I have spoken with a good friend of mine whos brother has just graduated from NBCC and is thinking about starting his own business. I gave her my contact info and hopefully I will be able to shed some light on his options in terms of co-operatives.
- I am also going to contact the local school baord and see what potential ( if any, only because exams are next week) there is of me presenting to an entrepreneur class.
- I have edited the business cards thatNeal posted on the blog. All I need to do is go get some business card paper and get that on the go!

If anyone esle has any ideas to help me with my networking, please let me know!! I am always open to some helpful hints! Hope all is well and I will be posting on Monday! Take Care


Wrap up of Week 1: Erin Hancock

Wow, it sounds like everyone is really jumping into this. It's so exciting to hear.
My week in reflection:
  • prepared presenatation and travel arrangements for NSCC AGM, attended, met a ton of people who were interested in MYDAS, recieved some substantial donations to the ACYL program
  • Have contacted the cafe(VAC) group and they have responded; I will likely meet with them next week
  • Went to the NBTA Credit Union and met the manager and staff; may be part of an 'Integrating Co-ops' group soon from this
  • spoke with Claire Gagnon at the Corporate Secretariat and she has a summer student she would like for me to connect with
  • I started collecting info for the Co-operator article and have spoken with Brenda MacKinnon from the publication, am waiting back from editor for deadlines and specifics
  • have already managed to get into 2 youth conferences (next week and one in a few weeks) for free

Today I want to continue working on pamphlets for next week's meetings, making my summer goals, contacting a few more people and answering emails.

Have a delightful weekend! I'm heading to Cape Breton so I may start a little later on Monday but I should get a chance to blog.

Good luck in Ramea too.



Wrap up of Week 1: Neal Gillis

Hey folks,

This week was busier than expected. Not that Kristi and I were running off our feet, but our original plan was to simply plan out the rest of the summer and make some calls. Needless to say, this took about a day. We were set up in David's office all week, as he was gone to Ottawa (David: don't mind the empty liquor bottles all over the floor... I'll get them picked up). We're hoping to get our own office, and have a potential lead at the PEI Eco-Net, but we'll have to see. I called the local schools to see if they'd like to have two charming students come in and talk about co-operatives, but we got shot down on account of final exams. I met with Lloyd to get the payroll worked out. He was a great help. He made a spreadsheet to work from, and got the TOD program figured out. If I end up in jail over dirty books, it's all his fault.

We didn't have any meetings yet (aside from Lloyd), but we have four or five schedualed for next week already, all potential co-operatives. Very exciting. We're gonna co-op the hell outta this town.

Hope all is well with everyone else! Have fun in Ramea Dan and Steph!


Wrap Up of Week 1: Stephanie Hobbs

Hey Guys and Gals, hope you had a great week. Like I said in my first blog . Tuesday I meet with the Indian Head Co-op. At the meeting we talked about strategic planning for now and the next five years. The Indian Head Co-op would like Dan and me to come up with some goals that they can accomplish now and create a time line for the next five years. Hopefully we will get a chance to look at that today.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Dan and I attended a meeting in Corner Brook. The meeting was with the NLFC (Newfoundland-Labrador Federation of Cooperatives) and the Government Department of INTRD (Innovation, Trade and Rural Development) the idea of the meeting was to create a “sort of” partnership between the two groups to generate more knowledge about cooperatives in rural Newfoundland as well as some other things. Dan and I had a chance to make some great contacts and find out about some possible cooperatives as well as talk about the MYDAS program, which everyone was very excited about.

Monday I will be unable to blog, Dan and I leave to go to Ramea, we will blog as soon as we get a chance.

Have a great weekend.

Wrap up of Week 1: Dan Meades

It is Friday and a bloggin I will go...

Steph and I took part in a two-day seminar this week that was held by the NLFC. The seminar was based around convincing EDOs (Economic Development Officers) that co-operatives were a good tool in their development toolkit. Steph and I had the opportunity to tell all the EDOs as well is the assistant deputy minister of I.N.T.R.D about the MYDAS program and what we do; we have the list of 30 names and emails/phone #’s. WE also made contact with two separate potential incorporation opportunities that exist near us, we look forward to contacting these groups to offer help. On Monday Steph and I will be heading to Ramea for a period of time that is as of yet undetermined. We expect it to be at least 2 weeks but not much more then that. The co-op that exists there is already incorporated so we are not sure what our role is going to be there; this relocation to Ramea may mean that we will be unable to blog on Monday, we are unsure about the internet situation in Ramea, I am certain that they have an internet connection I am just nto sure we will have access to it by Monday in time to blog; also setting our plans for the week would be tough given that we do not yet know our role there.

I hope you guys are having as much fun as we are, we have met some great people and made some amazing contacts that have definite promise.

Co-operatively Yours,

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coming Soon!

Just a heads up! The Cooperative Acts for each province will be soon posted on this blog for reference purposes. If there are any other resources that you may find helpful to post, please feel free to comment.

I hope everyone is having a great week and don't foget tomorrow is your next blogging day!

Direct Deposit

Hello everyone,
I was talking to the Credit Union in Chralottetown, and they said that it would take a minimum of five days (maybe seven) to process the direct deposit. This means that next week's pay cheque may not be deposited until Monday the 13th (rather than Friday the 10th). I talked to Lloyd yesterday, and he hooked me up with a spread sheet and the TOD program. Everyone IS going to get paid, and no one in going to jail for tax evasion, but next weeks may come a few days late.
To speed things up, I need everyone to email me details for their account. You can mail a voided cheque to me (Box 6522, Cornwall PE, C0A 1H0) or David, or email me your Bank number, transit number, and account number. If you don't feel comfortable doing so online, give me a call at home (902.368.2139).
If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let me know ASAP.


Hey all,
Just got back last evening from Truro where I was attending the Annual General Meeting of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council.
There were about a hundred (more?) members at the meeting from the cooperative and credit union sectors across the province. Aside from a brief review of the financial statements of the organization and a brief election to the Board of Governor's, the meeting seemed a lot like a networking session for co-operatives. Erin and Carolyn did an excellent presentation about ACYL and, from my vantage point at the back of the room, made quite an impression on most of the members present. Erin was also gracious enough to give the MYDAS program a substantial plug. At the dinner banquet, they also had a presentation from Michael Heinzl (?), the Canadian founder of Doctors Without Borders.
So Matt and I also had a chance to get a better idea of what we'll be doing over the next three months. Won't go into too much detail in this forum, but we were given a few new and developing co-ops with which we'll be working with alongside NSCC. Both seem based out of Halifax. Fred Pierce especially spared quite a bit of time for both of us out of his extremely busy schedule over the last few days. So it looks like we'll be wearing the hats of both NSCC and MYDAS (as well as carrying both business cards).
Hasta el proximo

PS: I will be giving Fred the URL of this blog so he has an idea of what the rest of you folks are working on.

Sunny Ottawa

Still in Ottawa. Met with the Canadian General Standards Board yesterday about creating "auditable" standards for Social Enterprises...part of an initiative involving the Quality of Island Life co-op, Rising Tide co-op and the Eastern Co-operative Health Organization (ECHO). Got to the Co-op Secretariat just before closing time yesterday and picked up more promo materials and multiple copies of the latest research papers. In a few minutes I'll be heading to the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) HQ on Bank St to pick up yet more materials (including brochures that I hope to drop off with Annie in Saint John while en route back to PEI on the weekend). On the gossip front, I have to tell you that I took my two older daughters out to dinner late last night and we found ourselves sitting next to Belinda Stronach and a mystery male companion...where are my hidden microphone and camera when I need them? Could be time to start the National Co-op Enquirer. "Martians Land in Beaumaris"..."Elvis Spotted on Ramea"..."Is Kristi Leaving Brad?". I trust that your first week of more independent operation is proving to be stimulating and workable. If you need/want to talk, call me on the cell (902-626-7399) anytime. We'll set up a teleconf for next week. Too hot here. It will be good to get back to the coast. David D.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Business Cards

Hey dudes and dudettes,
I edited David's business cards template to have our logo in it. It's the same, only the left half of the card is just our logo, rather than the CWCF's. I will post the file here once I get home. If anyone doesn't have Microsoft Word, let me know and I can fill in the card details for you, and send it as a .pdf file.
Bye for now!

UPDATE AT 11:20pm: Business Card Template for MS Word

logo and Ramea

Hi again,

I reviewed blog activity to date and want to thank y'all for making it work. Great logo...especially the stubbier font version. You should know that I spoke at length with the NLFC about the concerns expressed by Dan. The 12 week Ramea stint is rumour *not* a done deal and there will be ample opportunity to reach consensus on a win-win-win situation at tomorrow's stakeholder meeting in Cornerbrook.

DD from Ottawa

Hello all. This is my first blog visit. Hard to compute and drive! Various meetings here in Ottawa over the next 48 hours. I'll be picking up more resource materials at the Co-op secretariat later today and also some French info at the CCC (Conseil Canadien de la coopération) office. I miss you all already but will look forward to keeping in touch. Hope that all is going well with the NSCC (Nova Scotia Co-operative Council) and the NLFC (Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Co-operatives) sessions planned for this week. I'll be driving back through New Brunswick so will contact Annie/Erin once timing is clearer.

Updating Contact Information

For those of you who have relocated for the summer, please send me and email with your updated address and contact information. We can then update your file and insure that you get paid.

NB Co-op Act

Hello all,

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that I have attached a link to the NB Co-operatives Act in case you run into a few NB that want to start up a co-operative!

Here you go:


Hope all is well!

Annie :-)


Hey everyone,

I don't intend on bombarding the blog, but I just want to let you know that I'm planning on doing up a template for business cards with our new logo tomorrow (today, by the time most of you get this). I'll probably post the file once it's done.

Also, Matt commented that the logo might look better if the letters were bolder and shorter. I agree. I produced this, and I think it looks a lot more full than the other one

Have a good one!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Week 1: Annie Colwell

Hello All!
I'm glad to hear that everyone has made it home safely! (seeing as you have all blogged today!)
Well I'm glad to say that my computer is up and running! Today was a busy day of
running around and gathering a few things for my new "office space" as well as some
spyware and antivirus software that has allowed me to finally post!

Goals for this week:

- Complete my reading materials so that I am at the same level as everyone else
- Become familiarized with what type of co-operatives are going on here in Saint John
- Network as best I can with the help of Carol and Maureen
- Do a tentative summer plan once I have a better idea what I have to work with in Saint John
- Start working on a presentation as well as some business cards

This is all for now!! Hope all is well and have a great week!

Annie C

WEEK 1: Matthew Petre

Hello All,

I have spent the morning meeting with Bob Williams, Director of Operations and Fred Pierce, Business Development Officer for the NSCC. We have been discussing several aspects of how their organization runs, the activity surrounding the upcoming AGM and a way to establish a healthy balance between MYDAS and NSCC initiatives. I was on the road with Fred for the past few hours visiting some of the local co-ops and we met with Paddy Moran, an expert in co-op dissolution and discussed a project he is working on.

My Goals for the week involve:
  • Establishing a plan for the next 12 weeks for how to balance MYDAS and NSCC projects
  • Formalizing a strategy with Stu regarding key groups to inform about the co-op business model in our respective regions
  • Research opportunities in the Truro region
  • Familiarize myself with the Nova Scotia co-operatives act
  • Begin learning and understand how the NSCC operates
  • MYDAS press release
  • Work on co-op Power Point targeted to High School students
  • Contact building/Networking at NSCC AGM
  • Formalizing academic study details comparing co-op entrepreneurship with traditional non-co-operative entrepreneurship

Good Luck to everyone this week,

WEEK 1: Stephanie Hobbs

Good day everyone,

My plans for the week are as follows:

  • Review the Cooperative act and familiarize myself with it
  • Tuesday I am attending a meeting with the Indian Head Co-op for strategic planning
  • Wednesday Dan arrives in Stephenville are we are meeting with Brian Foley and than attending a meeting in Corner Brook, something about Federal Government and Cooperatives, I don't have all the information. THis meeting will take place Wednesday and Thursday.
  • As Dan has mentioned in his blog, we are, according to Brian Foley, scheduled to 12 weeks in Ramea. The details of this project has not yet been laid out for us, I will get back to you with more information.

WEEK 1: Stu Neatby

So, my travel plans for the AGM of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council are arranged. Matt and I will be meeting Fred Pierce tomorrow to speak specifically about the role of MYDAS within what NSCC is doing. So things are still a bit up in the air as to how we will be spending our time over the next 12 weeks. NSCC seems to have no shortage of things for us to work on.
Outside of this, here are some priorities for the week ahead:
  • Along with Matt, work on a PPT Presentation geared towards High Schools
  • Get in touch with high schools in the Halifax area who would be interested in said presentations
  • Finalize the date for a presentation on Co-ops in Nova Scotia with Halifax Free School
  • Work on a draft press release for the use of all MYDAS interns.
  • Do additional research on Co-ops in NS (reading the Co-operatives Act, attending co-op meetings of the Grainery Food co-op and Turnstile pottery co-op, etc.)
  • Following the NSCC AGM, begin to plan out what I will focus upon for the summer

In terms of pamphlets: Erin, were you planning on preparing a general MYDAS pamphlet, or one more geared to New Brunswick?



WEEK 1: Dan Meades

It is Monday, and Monday is Blog day, and so I Blog... Plans for the week: I will be driving the 10 hours to Stevenville tomorrow. Steph and I are attending a meeting in Corner Brook on Wednesday and Thursday, I have no idea what the meeting is about as Brian Foley set it up for us. Then Steph and I need to address the fact that according to Brain we will be spending the next 12 full weeks in Ramea starting on Monday, we have not even been told what the project there is yet so clearly we have not decided to go or not to go, but he has decided that we will be going and staying there for the completion of the program. According to the program goals set by the funding partners as well as by the Board of Directors the time spend in a place as small as Ramea would greatly decrease our chances of meeting all our goals, this needs to be address sooner as opposed to later. I understand that Kristy is hoping to call me at 7pm this evening but I do not have a telephone so that will be a challenge, email is the way to reach me. I suppose that is all for now; suffice it to say that I have concerns.

WEEK 1: Erin Hancock

Good morning,
My plans for the week:
  • Prepare for the NS Co-operative Council AGM, powerpoint, etc
  • Read business plan for potential cafe co-op here in Fredericton and prepare analysis, contact the group if time permits this week
  • Create a loose plan for the summer
  • Contact people I have touched base with before to see if we can/should meet and what we would like to get out of our meetings
  • Start preparing pamphlets, Atlantic Co-operator article, business cards, standard powerpoint to work from, posters, etc (general media framework)

Please contact me with suggestions and/or comments. Good luck on your first week to work!



WEEK 1: Neal Gillis

Neal here,
Seems as though Kristi has explained our week plan fairly well. My personal priorities for the week are:
  • Get our summer planned out, week by week

  • Talk to people on campus about getting Kristi and I a permanant office

  • Working on the blog (getting relevant links up, putting the documents up, etc.)

  • Figuring out the payroll situation

I threw this logo together Friday afternoon. Personally, I don't have any great feelings for it. If all y'all don't enjoy it, it can be changed, dropped, ripped up, whatever. My original thought for a logo was a huge flaming falcon with slab of marble in it's claws with "MYDAS" chiseled on the rock. After thinking about it, I produced this instead. The arrow represents moving forward, while the four coloured shapes that make up the arrow represent the four Atlantic provinces. The green one is NB (for it's forests), red for PEI (it's red soil), blue for NS (on the sea), and yellow for NFLD (as it's the first province to see the sun everyday). I chose gray text as it just looks nicer with those colours. Cheesy, I know, but it might look more professional than the flaming falcon. We can put it on business cards, PowerPoints, documents, t-shirts, whatever. If you have any comments please comment. I won't be the least bit offended.

Anyway folks, I hope everyone has a great week. Probably talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

WEEK 1: Kristi Kelly

This week, Neal and myself will be meeting throughout the week to further develop our goals and objectives for the summer. This will include time lines and possible dates/locations. Also, will we be finalizing the details with payroll and I am looking forward to meeting with Llyod Adams to potentially create a partnership. We look forward to meeting with various key members on our University's campus in hopes of creating some valuable partnerships. We will also develop a power point presentation that can be geared towards co-operative development.

On the program front, this Monday will attempting to contact you after 6pm. This phone call should be quick (15 minutes) and the schedule is as follows:

Annie: 6:oopm
Erin: 6:15pm
Stu: 6:30pm
Matt: 6:45pm
Stephanie: 7:00pm
Dan: 7:15pm
Neal: 7:30pm

Please note, these are all in PEI time - the only conflict difference is in NFLD. Also, to confirm that you have noted your scheduled time, please leave a comment. You will do this by clicking on the "comment link" and proceeding from there.

Have a great week everyone and I look forward to speaking with you! A quick reminder, your next blog post will be on Friday. Good luck with your MYDAS journals!

Proper Blog Protocol

Hello Folks! I hope everyone got home safe and sound. This is just a quick lesson of how our MYDAS posts should look this summer.

TITLE: WEEK 1 - Kristi Kelly

With your posting, you will then proceed to list your goals/objectives for the week ahead. I will be posting my own and you can use that as a possible model.

When you need to log in, you must access the blog via www.blogger.com - from here you will entre your user name and password. Then, click on the "new entry" button (or the green plus sign) and that will allow you to make your posting. If you have any problems, please let us know.

Good luck and happy blogging!